Euthanasia specialty vote scheduled for today after three postponements

The debate and vote in the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees of the text, which is based on bills from the PS, the Liberal Initiative, the BE and the PAN, have already been postponed. three times.

The first time was through a potestative (i.e. mandatory) request from Chega. The second time it was the PS who requested the postponement and last week the vote was postponed again after a request by Chega was approved in committee.

If the final text has a "green light" in the specialty this Wednesday, it moves on to the final global vote in plenary, which should take place on Friday. If approved, the diploma goes to Belém Palace. The President of the Republic may promulgate or veto the parliamentary decree or refer it to the Constitutional Court for verification of its conformity with the fundamental law.

Alt text was “closed” in mid-October in the MAID Task Force.

In the version that goes to the votes, the diploma establishes that "non-punishable medically assisted death" occurs "by decision of the person, the oldest, whose will is current and reiterated, serious, free and enlightened, in a situation of suffering ". of great intensity, with permanent injury of extreme gravity or serious and incurable disease, when practiced or assisted by health professionals”.

This time, compared to the last decree, the replacement text removes the requirement of “fatal disease”.

The final text now sets a minimum period of two months from the start of the procedure for its outcome, the provision of psychological support also being mandatory.

In the previous legislature, the decriminalization, under certain conditions, of medical assistance in dying, modifying the Penal Code, won a large majority in parliament, but was the target of two vetoes by the President of the Republic: the first time after the Constitutional Court failed, following a request for inspection by Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

Secondly, on November 26, the President rejected the diploma with a political veto, pointing out that throughout the new text different expressions were used to define the type of illnesses required and defending that the legislator had to choose between the "only serious illness”, “serious and incurable illness” and “incurable and fatal illness”.

This week, the PSD tabled a draft resolution proposing a referendum on the decriminalization of euthanasia. The PS, the PCP and the PAN have already positioned themselves against this initiative and Chega defended that the proposal of the Social Democrats "is unconstitutional", saying that the fundamental law prohibits that a definitively rejected referendum project can be presented again. in the same legislative session.

Chega presented a draft resolution for the holding of a referendum on euthanasia, which was rejected on June 9, that is to say still during the current legislative session.

In the afternoon, at 14:30 p.m., after the meeting of the Constitutional Affairs Committee, the conference of parliamentary leaders will meet extraordinarily to discuss the PSD draft resolution, a parliamentary source told Lusa.


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