Moliceiro boat in Aveiro

Portuguese Venice is none other than the city of Aveiro, located on the west coast of Portugal! It is classified as such because of its canals (Ria de Aveiro or Foz do Vouga), its bridges and its super charming and colorful boats called moliceiros, in which you can take a break and relax to enjoy the beautiful scenery of this place. Having a traditional architecture with houses covered with typical Portuguese tiles.

These boats were used to harvest moliço, a kind of seaweed that was spread out in the sun and served as fertilizer for the land in the region. The ride on these boats is now one of the main attractions of Aveiro (price: 10 euros). The journey takes about 45 minutes. It offers you a great tour and there is always a guide on board to tell the story of the city.

You can book your ticket for this route at a very attractive price and even get discounts on the site Civitatis, apart to have other information on this subject. But if you're like me who leaves everything at the last minute, no worries! Just go to Ecoria - Empresa Turística da Ria de Aveiro.

Ria de Aveiro Tourist Center
Aveiro Tourist Center

What to do in Aveiro?

Aveiro is a place that you can visit in a day or less because it is a very small town. But it's worth visiting there. It is an important urban, port, railway, university and tourist center.

You can take the opportunity to go to Museum of Cidade de Aveiro (ancient monastery of Jesus), which is one of the oldest in Aveiro or at Arte Nova Museum, which opened in Aveiro in the Casa Major Pessoa, true icon of Art Nouveau. There you will also find a tea house, where you can take a break.

Monument in memory of the Aveyrens who suffered for freedom
Monument in memory of the Aveirenses who suffered for freedom

The other sights of the city are the Infante D. Pedro Park, located next to the anche Franciscano Convent of Santo António, a nice and ideal place for a picnic. Also the Aveiro Cathedral, located in the civil parish of Glória, in the old Dominicano Convent, known to be the city's first religious community.

Pedestrian street decorated with nets and fish made of various materials
Pedestrian street decorated with nets and fish made of various materials

Between one promenade and the other, you can reach the shops, bars, restaurants, ice cream parlors and cafes of the city. 

Do not leave Aveiro without trying the Ovos Moles, a typical sweet of this region. For more information, see: All about the Ovos Moles of the Aveiro region .

What season to visit Aveiro?

Visiting Aveiro can be done at any time of the year. This city is located on the coast and its thermal amplitude is reduced. Which means that during the summer the temperature is not that hot, and during the winter, not too cold. This allows you to go to the beaches and sunbathe.

Aveiro is a wonderful city, ready to welcome tourists at any time of the year, don't leave your itinerary behind!

Take the opportunity to also go to a beautiful neighboring town called Costa Nova do Prado! You can not miss it ! For more information, see: The town of Costa Nova do Prado: discover the striped houses and the flavors of this region!