Liberal move says Champions League final shattered government credibility - Jornal Económico

The liberal initiative reinforced the criticisms of the President of the Republic on the way in which the presence of the English supporters who came to the final of the Champions League disputed on Saturday evening in Porto was treated, affirming that "the bubble promised by Minister Mariana Vieira da Silva erupted, once again irreparably destroying the credibility of the government ”.

A few hours later, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa declared that "it is not possible to say that the fans arrive in a bubble and then they do not come in a bubble", noting the difference between the promised restriction of fan movements from Chelsea and Manchester City who went to Portugal - to watch the match at the Estádio do Dragão which ended in a 1-0 victory for the first of these teams in the main UEFA competition - and the concentrations and the clashes that took place in the streets of Porto, recalled the Liberal Initiative that the Minister of the Presidency had announced on May 13 that fans would travel with "return trip on the same day and test carried out" and would be " in a bubble situation, ie on charter flights, with a “waiting trip” zone before heading to the stadium and returning immediately after the end of the match.

Stressing that UEFA clarified a few days later that there was no obligation for supporters of the two English clubs to travel in a bubble regime, the Liberal Initiative accuses Mariana Vieira da Silva of having limited itself to to make a simple "diversion" intended "to try to hide that the restrictions which continue to be applied to the Portuguese in the name of public health are based after all on the most absolute arbitrariness".

"It is above all inadmissible that the majority of the Portuguese continue to be subjected to a bubble of limitations, prohibitions and arbitrary imposition which subsequently arise, at the will of the government, for absolutely identical situations", challenges the party, taking into account that the government has backed down from its intention to allow a public presence in the last two days of La Liga NOS and that the exception for the Champions League final arose when there were limitations such as the compulsory closure of economic activities, time limitations, the compulsory use of a mask in access to beaches and the prohibition of the public in stadiums and pavilions.

“In fact, always in the name of public health, the government moves forward and backward depending on the day, allows some to ban others, discreetly limits, authorizes and rejects the circumstances, in a clear sign of bewilderment and absolute absence of criteria, while overriding rights, freedoms and guarantees without justification, ”concludes the Liberal Initiative.

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