All about the typical flavors of the Sintra region

You cannot leave Sintra without trying the ultimate representatives of the medieval convent sweets that made the town famous: travesseiros, queijadinhas from Sintra, pastéis da Pena, walnuts from Galamares, or fofos from Belas.

Restaurants for dinner in Sintra 

The Taverna dos Trovadores restaurant

Established in 1990 as a live music bar, Taverna dos Trovadores began to receive so many compliments for its snacks that the clientele grew and the place became one of the most famous restaurants in the city.

You can't miss their delicious Bacalhau Espiritual, a recipe made with white sauce, grated carrot, onion and sleeping bread, which is a very creamy dish. And if you are a couple, take the opportunity to taste the duck rice, it is a very loose rice, with a very marked taste of sausage and full of duck.

And get ready for dessert!

The Farófias dessert

Dare something new! Snow eggs, called Farófias, are highly recommended in this region. The egg whites look like fluffy clouds and the super light custard is sprinkled with cinnamon.

The Piriquita house

Have you ever eaten at Piriquita ? It's a delight ! I totally recommend to anyone who wants to eat there!
Piriquita is a bakery and confectionery in Sintra, founded in 1862. There you can taste several typical sweets of the region in one place! The service is excellent and fast! And best of all… Inexpensive, very inexpensive!

I have only one word to describe it: ma-ra-vi-lho-sa! The queijadinha is a delicate treat made up of fresh cheese and coconut in a puff pastry that surprises with its lightness. On the top there is a little cinnamon which leaves a slight flavor and inside there is a cream which melts in your mouth.

The travesseiro of Sintra

People of heaven, hell or anywhere, what is this sweetness? This is a super thin puff pastry, filled with egg jam and with a touch of almond. There is no way to explain how good it is, you just have to eat to find out!

Puff pastry with meat and chicken empanada

Hmmmmm…. ! A delight too and one that you cannot fail to try! The part of the facet of both is the same as the description of the previous one: really fine! And its incredibly light fillings.

Pastry shop Casa Piriquita

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