Union of Tax Workers concerned about lawsuits for access to database

In a note addressed to the media, the STI declares to have alerted the Tax and Customs Authority (TA) of this problem and expresses concern that the general management does not assume a position of defense of its workers "seeking to know if there is a basis for denunciations before proceeding to launch these processes ”.

STI's position follows the denunciation of the president of the PSD who, on Wednesday, during the general policy debate with the Prime Minister, accused the Ministry of Finance of entrusting a “pidesco” process to a TA official.

"In Miranda de Douro, a Cultural Movement of the Country of Miranda was created to defend its lands and which led the fight against EDP not wanting to pay the taxes due for the sale of the dams", explained Rui Rio, adding that " in an absolutely intolerable persecution, like the Estado Novo, the Ministry of Finance opened an investigation procedure against an official of the tax administration because he is a member of the movement and, as such, he has drafted a technical document which was presented to the President of the Republic and to the Government ”.

In response, António Costa said he was not at all aware of “the opening of an investigation” of this type.

In today's edition, the newspaper Público writes that the head of the TA in question is José Maria Pires, former deputy director general of tax and customs justice and who resigned from this post following the controversy surrounding the so-called "VIP List".

In the note, the union chaired by Ana Gamboa claims to have no official knowledge of this process (underlined by Rui Rio), but warns against cases of "various investigative and disciplinary processes to access the database , in which it is assumed that unauthorized access “.

The union therefore regrets that instead of investigating the existence of a ground for complaint, we observed "training actions where warnings are issued on the serious consequences of not justifying all access to the system, requiring us to a heavy burden on workers, who at the moment consider it dangerous for them to perform their duties and to fight against tax evasion and fraud ”.

“We wonder if this problem of justifying access will exist in other state authorities,” adds the same note, recalling that TA workers have a code of conduct, to which they comply, so there are "Justified suspicion of violation of this code, then an investigation process must be initiated".

"But to trivialize this procedure is a mistake, just as it is wrong to place the burden of proof of the legitimacy of the access on the side of the workers", also declares the STI.


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