Santander measures unilaterally "temporarily" and wants to avoid collective dismissal

In the message, to which Lusa had access, the bank said it had met today with “the unions of banking workers integrated into the UGT, namely the SBN - Union of Financial Sector Workers of Portugal (SBN), the Central Bank Union. Workers (SBC) and the Union of Banking, Insurance and Technology - Mais Sindicato (Mais) ”.

This meeting, specified the institution, “took place at the request of the aforementioned unions and had on the agenda the announcement made by the bank on April 28 that, in accordance with the law, a consultation phase with the National Workers' Commission started unilaterally. job reduction measures ”.

Santander then announced that it had reached an agreement to leave 68 workers in the first quarter of this year, as part of the restructuring of the bank, and planned to cut 100 to 150 additional jobs "whose functions have become superfluous".

According to the same internal message, "SBN, SBC and Mais expressed their concern about the imminence of unilateral positions, asking for the postponement of the application of any measure" and "the conviction that there are employees with a predisposition to agree voluntarily with the bank to leave, mainly because of retirement ”.

"The bank recognizes the contribution that SBN, SBC and Mais have made for decades to clarify, inform and support the workers of Santander in Portugal, as well as their credibility in the search for suitable and sustainable solutions", we read on the same note. .

Santander recalls that “this year, and in the exclusive interest of the bank's employees, it was possible to set up protocols allowing employees affiliated to SBN, SBC and Mais to continue to benefit from SAMS under certain conditions. [subsistema de saúde], even after his voluntary withdrawal from the bank by RMA [rescisão por mútuo acordo] ”.

Thus, the management of the bank decided to comply with the "requests transmitted by SBN, SBC and Mais, and took the decision to temporarily postpone the application of any unilateral measure, maintaining during this period the proposals already presented to the employees concerned. , while waiting that the proposals presented will be accepted and may avoid the application of a collective dismissal, as provided by law ”.

In addition, the bank will open "the possibility for any employee to request the submission of proposals for exit agreements, regardless of their age and the area in which they are placed".

Santander also declared that he remained available "to analyze any constructive proposal for dialogue that might be presented by other union structures and workers' representatives, which has not yet happened".

The institution also informed that “the transformation plan remains in execution, and the contacts promoted by the bank within the framework of the 55+ Plan are in progress until June, and at the end of this month, a restructuring plan overall human resources framework will be presented. , without prejudice to the reassessment which will however be made of the measures now provisionally postponed ”.

In a statement released today, O Mais Sindicato, SBC and SBN also reported on the meeting with the bank's management.

"The administration was sensitive to the arguments and the position of the unions, who reiterated their desire to negotiate and find solutions", guaranteed the structures.

Thus, Santander "undertook to postpone the application of any unilateral measure, agreeing to proceed in accordance with the request of the unions" who want "to negotiate the exits by agreement and not by unilateral decision of the bank", contact "all the workers who wish to accept the reform and fulfill the requirement to be 55 years or older ”, open“ the process for requesting termination by mutual agreement (RMA) ”and“ requalify those who want to stay in the bank, because there is has a lot of work and many workers are overloaded, ”they also said in a statement.


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