Rocha accuses Costa of not listening to Marcelo's 'common sense' recommendations on the questionnaire

"[Temos] a Prime Minister on the run, who goes out a few tricks, but then refuses even to listen to the recommendations, which are common sense recommendations, from the President of the Republic", defended the Liberal leader.

Rui Rocha, who was elected president of IL this weekend, was received today by the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, at the Palace of Belém, accompanied by the vice-presidents Ricardo Pais Oliveira and Angélique da Teresa and the President of the National Council, Mariana Leitão.

For the president of IL, "since there is such a mechanism then it is not understandable that it is not applied to the current leaders". He therefore accused António Costa of “total inconsistency”.

Rocha indicated that the subject of the questionnaire applied by the executive to potential new secretaries of state and ministers was discussed during the hearing and considered that António Costa was on the run.

"The proof that this is a headlong rush because [o primeiro-ministro] he applies this mechanism, whatever the value, to new employees, let's say to new recruits, but he does not want the apply to those who are already in government. The President of the Republic has already spoken on this subject. We consider this as proof of the deterioration of the political situation,” he said.

The Liberal leader also recalled that the IL tabled a no-confidence motion against the government in December — which ended up being voted down this month.

"The solution that the President of the Republic says is unique, we have an understanding that there are other possible solutions", he defended himself, stressing that the government "is absolutely irrecoverable".

The IL president said he had a "very fruitful meeting" with Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, during which they discussed topics such as the changes to the electoral law envisaged by the party, the constitutional revision process or the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), stressing that this “opportunity cannot be missed”.

During this meeting, Rui Rocha also declared having presented and assured Marcelo "the institutional and loyal cooperation of IL with the Presidency of the Republic" even if "also demanding".

On Tuesday in Oeiras, the Prime Minister insisted that the questionnaire adopted by the government only applies to new secretaries of state or ministers and that current members have already provided information to parliament and the Court constitutional.

The Prime Minister responded after being confronted with the idea of ​​the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, that current members of the government should also complete the questionnaire applied by the executive to potential new secretaries of state and ministers .


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