Why learn Portuguese?

Why learn Portuguese?

Would you like to learn a new language, and Portuguese makes you want to? There are many reasons that could encourage you to learn Portuguese, a unique language, which could allow you to make great discoveries. If you are still hesitating on this subject, we will immediately share with you 8 good reasons to start learning Portuguese. It's your turn !

1. Portuguese, a language spoken on different continents

First of all, Portuguese, although it is not as common a language as English or Spanish, is a language that can be found on different continents. A real bargain if you love travelling! Indeed, Portuguese is of course spoken in Portugal, but also in Brazil, in Africa with the Cape Verde or the Mozambique, and even on the Asian continent, particularly in China, to Macau. By learning Portuguese, you will therefore be able to discover new destinations, spread over many places in the world.

2. A language that sets you apart

In France, Portuguese is a little mastered language, by choosing this language, you will be able to stand out from the other languages ​​learned, being more English, Spanish, Italian or even German. If you are looking for a job or as part of your studies, this can be a way to set yourself apart from other applicants.

3. To take advantage of Brazil's many job opportunities

Brazil holds an increasingly important place from an economic point of view, and it is possible to find many job opportunities there, in interesting positions. Learning Portuguese could therefore allow you to practice in Brazil, namely that the country has many commercial exchanges with France. Moreover, the country is located right next to the Guyana, with which it shares a border.

4. An easy-to-learn language for French people

Another reason that may make you want to learn Portuguese: it is a language that you can learn easily if French is your native language! Portuguese has some commonalities with French, especially when it comes to the roots of the language. For a complete and fast learning, you can also follow Portuguese lessons online, offered by motivated and qualified teachers. It's ideal for you to learn the language quickly, from home, through a fun learning mode adapted to everyone.

5. A melodious and pleasant language to listen to

You have certainly already realized that Portuguese is a particularly pleasant language to listen to. This language includes many sounds, including rarer sounds than those encountered when speaking French or English, for example. As a result, many people find it a lilting language, pleasant to speak, and has many nuances, with which you can play like a melody.

6. A rich culture, which deserves to be discovered

As you may have read earlier, Portuguese is spoken in many countries, spread across the world. As a result, by learning the Portuguese language, you will also be able to take advantage of the discovery of varied, particularly rich cultures. In Brazil alone, discovering the Portuguese language could make you want to indulge in samba, or discover capoeira, not to mention the famous carnival of Rio. Portugal also offers very beautiful cities and landscapes, and a history to discover without delay.

7. A language to know if you plan to move abroad

If you are thinking of moving to Portugal, Brazil, or any other country where Portuguese is the official language, then learning this language will become essential. Indeed, the practice of English is not always enough, and to settle in the country, to be able to find work, to make new friends while managing to understand the administrative procedures that will be required of you, a good knowledge of Portuguese will be required.

8. To enrich your personal knowledge, and prove to yourself that you are capable of learning a new language

Finally, when we talk about learning a language in a more general way, many advantages can be raised. First of all, learning a new language is a way to enrich your personal knowledge, to discover a new language, culture, another way of thinking which should enrich your own thinking mechanisms. 


It is also a way to work your brain, learning a foreign language to work the different hemispheres of the brain. An apprenticeship that therefore offers many benefits, both for your personal culture, for your future trips, the practice of a new sport or even expatriation in a Portuguese-speaking country. All you have to do is start!

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