More than 1 officers were fighting fires in Ourém and Mafra at 000:22 p.m.

According to information available at 22:30 p.m. on the website of the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC), the fire that broke out at 15:25 p.m. in Casal do Ribeiro, municipality of Ourém, district of Santarém, mobilized 567 operational personnel, with the support of 167 vehicles.

In the afternoon, the fire caused power cuts, forced the evacuation of people from a river beach and was near homes, with firefighters carrying out perimeter defenses, according to the local authorities.

In the fire that has been raging since 15:33 p.m. in Avessada, municipality of Mafra, district of Lisbon, 454 firefighters were on the ground, at 22:30 p.m., with the support of 133 ground resources.

Lisbon district operational commander Hugo Santos said at 22:30 p.m. that the fire had two active fronts, but combat operations were proceeding favorably.

Although he admits that the weather conditions are not favorable, due to the high temperature, the official said, in statements to CNN Portugal, that the objective is to control the fire during the night and to ensure that there is no reactivation afterwards.

Also in the Lisbon district, in Bairro, municipality of Alenquer, the fire which broke out at 15:41 p.m. mobilized 110 operational staff and 35 land assets.

According to Civil Protection, the fire in Sanche, municipality of Amarante, borough of Porto, is also on the list of the most worrying fires, and mobilized 107 firefighters and 30 property workers.

The District Relief Operations Command (CDOS) of Porto explained at the end of the afternoon that the forest fire had two active fronts but without infrastructure at risk.

In total, in the 18 active dwellings in mainland Portugal at 22:30, there were 1 operational dwellings on the ground, with the support of 344 vehicles.

At 22:30 p.m., 784 operational assets and 221 land assets were in consolidation or sequelae operations.

The Minister of Internal Administration said today that the state of special red alert will come into force on Tuesday in the districts of Vila Real, Bragança, Guarda and Viseu, announcing the strengthening of inspection by the GNR and the armed forces.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting, via videoconference, with members of other government areas to assess weather conditions and the risk of fire, José Luís Carneiro said it was decided "to maintain the level of risk and danger in the terms that were done until today”, with a reassessment already scheduled for Wednesday.

According to the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA), around 120 municipalities located mainly in the north and center of the country were currently exposed to the maximum risk of rural fire.

Most northern and central municipalities were at maximum fire risk, the Algarve tended to be at very high risk and almost all of Alentejo at high fire risk, according to the IPMA.

Rural fire danger will remain at peak fire risk in the northern and central interior of the continent at least until Thursday, the IPMA predicts.


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