Where to eat in Porto: tips on the typical flavors of the region to include in your itinerary

Visiting the restaurants of Porto is more than a gastronomic experience: it is a cultural experience! In fact, the Portuguese are great food lovers, which you will notice in the abundance of dishes served.

Often, even one dish for one is enough for two! So expect a tasty tour of Portugal's second largest city!

The Café Majestic

The Majestic is a historic café, founded in 1921, in Santa Catarina Street. With nearly 100 years of history, it has won several awards, tourism and municipal merit medals and certificates of excellence.

The Café Majestic

It is always packed with people and is currently a must stop in the city. It's a classic for tourists and locals! So get there early and be prepared to queue - well worth the wait.

On the menu, several types of coffee, delicious sandwiches, filled croissants, sweets and also some options for lunch, including pasta, salads, fish and meat.

Café Santiago

This cafe was officially founded in 1959 on Rue de Passos Manuel. It expanded in 2011 to another store on the same street. This is where you will find the best Francesinha! A very traditional dish from this city and Portugal and considered one of the 50 best in the world!

Café Santiago

You can't go through Porto without trying it!


This is a sandwich with mortadella, steak, melted cheese on top, an egg with a soft egg yolk and a special secret sauce.


Zenith is a great place, famous for having the best brunch in Portugal. That's why there are always queues at the door.

On the menu, delicious classics such as croissants, French toast, banana cake, yogurts, pancakes, salads and even refreshing drinks.

To complete, the surrounding decor blends industrial traces with modern details and has a cozy imprint. It is a place worth a visit! But remember: book or arrive early.

Matosinhos region and its seafood restaurants

Matosinhos is the fishing region of Porto. It is located by the sea and has the largest number of seafood restaurants per square meter in all of Portugal!

Seafood dish

Among the countless possibilities are the traditional restaurants "O Gaveto" and "O Lusitano".


To learn more about this beautiful region of Porto, see: Everything you need to know about the city of Porto: what to do and where to eat.

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