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"There are many situations like this in the country," Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa said in an interview with RTP when asked about the events surrounding foreign workers in Odemira, saying that "the problem was very latent" which has ended up making headlines, reports and political consequences, but he's been around for years. “I have to do pedagogy” in relation to the moment of xenophobia that the country is going through, mainly so that these social temptations disappear.

In an interview that appears to be one of the least “intrusive” in political terms, the President of the Republic did not want to enter into major controversies, preferring to recall that the country has every interest in avoiding any type of political crisis. In this context, he said, his will is to maintain political calm - and he set the example: more finger pointing, no stronger criticism, not even on the most controversial topics. For Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, the time has come for commitment to the recovery and resilience plan and not to political intrigue.

“The remodeling is a decision of the Prime Minister, it depends a lot on the assessment made by the Prime Minister and the context,” said Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa - responding to the possibility of supporting a close remodeling. "I am not surprised at anything" on this subject, he said, saying that it is António Costa who takes stock of the members of the government, in particular with regard to the minister Eduardo Cabrita. Very cautious in his remarks, the President of the Republic did not want to commit to a response that would politically "stop" him from any remodeling - contrary to what he did in the past, precisely in relation to the same. ministry.

“I am not convinced that there are difficulties in approving the next state budget,” said Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. But he also said that one of the most worrying problems is the start of the economic recovery: "we have two crucial years for the application of the funds and we have to have a rate close to 100%", which, a- he recalled, is not in the national tradition. On this subject, "what I have done is constantly call on the legislator to go all the way," he recalled.

The President of the Republic did not want to comment too much on the hypothesis that the budget would be approved by the PSD and not by the bloc to the left of the PS. “The budget is a portrait of a government option in a given context. It is very difficult for an opposition party to "give its support, especially" in a year of municipal elections, "he said.

There are interesting signs of foreign investment ”, which will be very important - in a context where political stability will be fundamental. “Will there be so-called negative coalitions? But "the social outlook is the most worrying. It takes a long time to reach people's lives ”. In this regard, Marcelo said that "it is good that the institutions are functioning" and that is why he is not concerned by the dispute between the Constitutional Court and certain decisions of the government in matters of social support.

On the other hand, Marcelo also declared that “the role of local government is central to reconstruction” to recover from the pandemic, ”said Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. When he said that "people want government to govern better," Marcelo also said that people do not want political crises.

As for what happened during the Sporting evening, Marcelo said: "we have to be very careful not to fall back on very negative indicators". With a big sporting calendar to come, Marcelo urged caution. The security forces, Lisbon City Council and Sporting shared responsibility, but “there were a number of factors that cannot be repeated. “Damn, I realize” the fans were “desperate”, but “we have to learn from what happened.

Very cautious in his remarks, Marcelo declared that “I did not want to be hard on the motivations, but on the result” of the celebrations. “I do not know if the Minister of the Interior, if all this has been dealt with by other structures. I don't have any information, I don't have that notion, he said. "There is an excess of levity in creating the conditions to bring people together."

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