Foreign Minister João Gomes Cravinho met today with his Algerian counterpart, Ramtane Lamamra, who expressed interest in Portuguese companies investing in Algeria in solar and wind energy.

Speaking to Lusa, João Cravinho also said that a "high-level meeting chaired by the prime ministers" of the two countries had been decided for 2023, a meeting that will take place in Algeria, in addition to a visit by State of the President of Algeria in Portugal.

Portugal's foreign minister said today's visit to Algeria, where he was with Ramtane Lamamra, whom he has known since 2005, when he was ambassador in Lisbon, was 'based on ancient knowledge' , but also a visit to a country which “not to be a neighbor”, shares “many concerns”.

“Not being a neighboring country, it almost shares many concerns about the region, the Mediterranean, the European Union's relations with Africa and the Arab world. It was important for us to talk about what we can do together in a framework of geopolitical and geoeconomic transformation,” he explained.

João Cravinho underlined that the issue of Russia's invasion of Ukraine was a factor "that cannot fail to be the subject of dialogue", also adding that the "geoeconomic issues related to energy, to renewable energies and the opportunities that arise with the digital transition” were also on the table.

“While Algeria is a major exporter of fossil fuels, it is also a country with immense potential in terms of solar and wind energy. We have very qualified companies in these areas and there has been interest from the Algerian side to [ter] Portuguese investors in these areas,” the minister said.

The official said that it will be a question of working with the Portuguese Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade (AICEP), with the Secretary of State for Internationalization, as well as with the sectoral ministry, namely the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

For 2023, a "high-level meeting chaired by the prime ministers" of the two countries is planned, which will take place in Algeria, in addition to a state visit by the Algerian president to Portugal.

“We have a very busy schedule between the two countries. We will now try to organize the joint commission where the technicians of the two countries will meet", he said, stressing that there are "14 legal texts which are practically finalized and which will be signed" in 2023.

João Gomes Cravinho was visiting Algeria today to assess bilateral relations in the economic field but also in terms of cooperation, language and culture, and also to discuss international issues.