Local: IL candidate in Lisbon wants a smarter city and a liberal agenda

"My vision of the city is a smarter city, which is mainly linked not to the results, but to the creation of a machine that really manages to bring a liberal agenda, to draw all the potential from it," he said. he told reporters at the end. of the official presentation of the candidacy for this year's municipal elections, which took place in Jardim do Campo Grande, under the slogan "It is time to liberate Lisbon".

The candidate clarified that the electoral platform has been in the works for about three months, with projects and ideas for the city ranging from housing to transport, but it will be open, in June, to the participation of interested parties who wish to contribute with comments. .

As for a coalition with the candidacy of Carlos Moedas (PSD / CDS-PP / PPM / MPT / Aliança coalition), Bruno Horta Soares said that IL's objective is to be part of the municipal executive.

“There is no majority in a municipal election. There are votes and each one is useful in electing the members of the executive and we think we will probably elect even more than one [vereador], ”the candidate said.

For the race for the presidency of the Municipality of Lisbon, currently chaired by Fernando Medina (PS), the candidatures of Carlos Moedas (PSD / CDS-PP / PPM / MPT / Aliança coalition), João Ferreira (CDU), Beatriz Gomes l 'have thus far announced Dias (BE), Bruno Horta Soares (IL), Nuno Graciano (Arrive) and Tiago Matos Gomes (Volt Portugal).

The executive is currently made up of eight elected by the PS (which includes Citizens for Lisbon), one from BE (which has a government governance agreement with the Socialists), four from the CDS-PP, two from the PSD and two from the PCP.

This year, IL presents for the first time a candidacy for the Lisbon hemicycle, believing that it will obtain results which will give "a lot of hope to a liberal agenda in the city".

The presentation session was attended by the party's president and sole deputy, João Cotrim de Figueiredo, and the other candidates for autarky: Ana Pedrosa-Augusto, Miguel Ferreira da Silva, Rodrigo de Mello Gonçalves and Angélique da Teresa.

Bruno Horta Soares underlined several criticisms of the current president, Fernando Medina.

“In 10 years, Lisbon has lost almost 10% of the resident population. It remains an aging city and qualified young people continue to migrate to Madrid, Dublin, London or Amsterdam, where professional opportunities really change lives, ”he said.

So some of the Liberal candidate's proposals include “reducing all taxes, fees and taxis” and increasing the IRS yield for residents to 5%.

According to the biography made available to journalists, Bruno Horta Soares, 41, member of the National Council of the Liberal Initiative, is a consultant and university professor in the fields of digital transformation, governance, management, risk and cybersecurity, having started his career at Deloitte Consulting and went through KPMG.

This year's municipal elections have not yet been scheduled, but by law they will have to take place between September and October.


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