In a response sent to Lusa concerning a letter signed by some sixty doctors denouncing the conditions of the emergency department in response to the population, the Board of Directors (CA) explains that any unforeseen event making it impossible for one of the professionals to showing up to work conditions the normal operation of the emergency department of these specialties.

Meanwhile, today the Garcia de Orta Hospital has published a notice to users, in which it informs that it is without urgent care of gynecology and obstetrics until 08:30 on Thursday.

"During today, until 08:30 am on 06/09/22, Hospital Garcia de Orta is unable to provide emergency care in gynecology/obstetrics," the notice reads.

Also during the day, the hospital was without emergency orthopedic and trauma care because it “did not have any conditions”.

"If you have suffered a sprain, fall, fracture or other acute trauma, we ask that you go to one of the other hospitals in the Setúbal peninsula or in the Lisbon region", indicates the hospital in notice to users.

The HGO currently serves an estimated population of approximately 350 in Almada and Seixal, municipalities in the Setúbal district.

Regarding the letter signed by the team leaders, specialist doctors and interns of the emergency department of Almada Hospital, made public today by the Independent Union of Doctors, the board of directors of this unit of health states that it is in constant dialogue with the management of the emergency and internal medicine departments and with the bed management team.

"The high attendance recorded in recent weeks at the Emergency Department has conditioned the fluidity in the care of our users and demanded a lot from our health professionals", explains the hospital, adding that, "to alleviate the current situation, an arduous effort was reorganization work, in order to improve the movement of patients from the General Emergency Department to the pavilions”.

The board of directors of the HGO ensures that "all measures are taken to strengthen the medical and nursing teams, without hiring restrictions".

"HGO's Board of Directors is strengthening its openness to dialogue and, together, is trying to find new alternatives that can better satisfy both our users and all the healthcare professionals, whom we recognize and thank for their efforts, their commitment and their dedication in this particularly difficult period. . “, he underlines.

The 60 doctors who signed the letter say that "the situation experienced in the emergency department in recent days is beyond the limits of the imaginable and exhausts health professionals at all levels" and that they have received no response from the hierarchy. , with whom, they say, they communicated by e-mail on days when they were in urgent need through short and objective descriptions of the situation and disclaimers.

On the other hand, they warn that there is a "clear inability to deliver therapy to patients on time", a problem that already existed, but which, they guarantee, has now worsened "in an absurd and very serious to the point of often arriving too late for the safe and effective treatment of many patients”.

"If we could list all the fundamental problems (failures in the scale of other specialties, arrive at the total absence of gynecological and orthopedic emergencies in a general-purpose emergency), we would go too far in this presentation and, in fact , we consider that we have already done it countless times and there was more than time and opportunities to try, at least, to correct certain situations, ”they point out.

Doctors consider a response and plan urgent, admitting they are on the edge of 'everything reasonable'

“Our ability to tolerate this situation ends now. We do not want to endorse this situation and, as such, we have already transferred the responsibility to the board of directors”, they underline.