The chambers of Setúbal, Palmela and Sesimbra want an urgent meeting with the Minister of Health

The three CDU mayors, André Martins (Setúbal), Francisco Jesus (Sesimbra) and Álvaro Amaro (Palmela), who expect the meeting with the Minister of Health to take place this week, “demand that the government find, with the utmost urgency, the necessary solutions so that the users of these health facilities [da região] can access the care to which they are entitled.

The public position taken by the mayors of the three municipalities in the area of ​​influence of the Centro Hospitalar de Setúbal (CHS), which is part of the Hospital de São Bernardo, was announced on the official pages of the three municipalities of the social network Facebook .

In the document, the mayors point out that the closure of the pediatric emergency department of São Bernardo Hospital for a week was not unexpected and guarantee that the three municipalities “warned in time and insistently of the shortcomings already manifested in the healthcare response in CHS”.

"The current rupture is only the latest manifestation of a policy of non-recognition or even devaluation of the central role of health professionals in the functioning of the National Health Service (SNS)", we read in the document, in which the mayors consider that "devaluation is evident in low salary levels, poor working conditions and stagnant career development".

"The negotiations with the representative bodies of health workers should have started a long time ago and should already be concluded and implemented", add the mayors of the three municipalities of the district of Setúbal.

In the specific case of the CHS, André Martins, Francisco Jesus and Álvaro Amaro underline the need for several expansion works identified for a long time and which they consider essential for the improvement of the offer of differentiated health care to the populations.

“The public health service of excellence that professionals wish to provide and that our population deserves to receive, requires attention that the Government of the Republic has not granted. The Socialist Party government, however, replaces the Ministers of Health who are, of course, forced to recognize their inability to respond to the problems”, accuse the three CDU mayors.

In taking a common position, the mayors of the three municipalities of Arrábida also express “the strangeness that, several years after the announcement of the expansion of the Hospital de São Bernardo – and after hesitations and failures of all kinds under the responsibility of the Ministry of Health – if we continue to wait for this work which would improve the working conditions of health professionals and support for users”.

"The populations of the municipalities of Sesimbra, Setúbal and Palmela and the other populations served by this hospital center cannot continue to be harmed by the repeated closures of these emergency services", maintain the three mayors.

On Monday, the CHS administration announced the closure of the pediatric emergency department of São Bernardo Hospital between 9:00 a.m. today and 9:00 a.m. on Monday, November 12, due to a lack of doctors.

In recent months there have been frequent temporary closures of the pediatric emergency department as well as the gynecology and obstetrics department of São Bernardo Hospital, due to the lack of doctors, a situation that has gradually worsened and has now forced the CHS administration to close the pediatric ER for a week.

Children and young people in the Setúbal region who need medical attention and who are transported by the fire brigade or by the National Institute of Medical Emergencies (INEM) are referred to other hospital units.


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