The TAP team will maintain the strike and mark a minimum of 5 more days until January

An official union source told Lusa that SNPVAC members have deliberated "to maintain the strike for December 8 and 9", as well as the "scheduling of a minimum five-day strike to be carried out until December 31". January ".

The dates will be “fixed by the management [do sindicato] and communicated to the employees 24 hours before the strike notice”.

According to the union, more than 600 members participated in the general meeting, including attendance and proxies.

The SNPVAC had told Lusa that it was waiting for today's general meeting to confirm the strike on Thursday and Friday at TAP and had already threatened new walkouts.

TAP and the unions are in negotiations for the revision of the Company Agreement (AE), within the framework of the restructuring plan.

Dissatisfied, the TAP team, in an emergency general meeting of the SNPVAC, on November 3, decided to continue the strike on December 8 and 9, as well as to “immediately reject the proposal for a new company agreement (AE )” presented by the airline, which they consider “absolutely unacceptable and manifestly reductive”.

The union said on November 21 that TAP had submitted a proposal to cabin crew, but was unable to analyze it within the deadline set by the airline.

In a statement sent to members, which Lusa has had access to, SNPVAC management said it was, on November 15 and 16, "meeting with the administration of the company, with the aim of resolving the existing dispute between the crew and the TAP”.

According to the same note, “after two intense days of meetings – where both parties constructively sought solutions to resolve the dispute – TAP formalized a proposal on November 18”.

“While this was a proposal that we immediately deemed insufficient – ​​since the company is not giving up some positions – we would intend to bring it to the attention of the members of the GA [ assembleia-geral] on December 6,” the SNPVAC said, indicating that, however, “with the formalization of this, an ultimatum came to the SNPVAC which, or there was anticipation of consultation with its members until November 22 [terça-feira] otherwise it would not make sense to formalize the negotiated proposal”.

The airline decided to cancel 360 flights on the days of the strike, affecting around 50.000 passengers and a loss of eight million euros in revenue, after having already informed customers that it allowed the dates of scheduled flights to be changed on the days to strike, without any penalty.


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