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The village of Figueiró dos Vinhos: a guide to visit the new gateway in central Portugal

Figueiró dos Vinhos is a Portuguese village located in the district of Leiria, with extensive landscapes. You will contemplate impressive monuments and its nature. You will appreciate the fresh air and a unique light.

visitfigueirodosvinhos-fragasdesao simão-portugal-tourism
Aldeia de Xisto de Casal de São Simão - Figueiró dos Vinhos

São Simão Passadiço das Fragas

In the municipality of Figueiró dos Vinhos, right in the center of Portugal, the splendid walking trail of Fragas de São Simão has just been created. A place that has everything to be one of the biggest stars in central Portugal.

Passadiço das Fragas de Sao Simão

It is about 2 km long and connects the schist village of Casal de São Simão with the panorama of Fragas de São Simão. It also passes by the magnificent river beach of Fragas de São Simão.

The villages of Xisto - Casal de São Simão

It is known to be a village with only one street. There is a new collective feeling made up of people who have taken the houses back with their own hands.

The Aldeias do Xisto boutique in Casal de São Simão shares its building with the Varanda do Casal restaurant. You will be able to taste the best of regional gastronomy there.

Boutique and restaurant Aldeias do Xisto-Casal de São Simão

If this walk seems short to you, you can always follow the circular trail PR1 FVN, which is the Casal de São Simão shale trail. In total you will travel about 5 km. Besides the places already mentioned, you will also pass along the Ribeira de Alge and Fato.

Miradouro das Fragas de São Simão

The Fragas of São Simão

The Fragas de São Simão are one of Portugal's greatest natural wonders. These imposing quartzite ridges, ultra resistant to erosion, rise to several tens of meters in height. A breathtaking landscape.

Praia Fluvial das Fragas de Sao Simão

In the middle of the forest, forming an idyllic gorge, passes the Ribeira de Alge. It gives rise to one of the most beautiful river beaches in Portugal, the Fluvial das Fragas de São Simão beach.

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Praia Fluvial das Fragas de Sao Simão

In this natural setting is a lush forest whose beauty and serenity transport us to the Garden of Eden.

When to go?

The Fragas de São Simão footbridge opens to the public all year round and the visit is free. If your goal is to combine a visit to the Fragas de São Simão footbridge with a dip in the river beach, the best time is summer.

Other nearby tourist places to visit are: Aldeia d'Ana de Aviz, Torre da Cadeia, Museu and Artes Center in Figueiró dos Vinhos and Convento do Carmo.

Take the opportunity to also go to a beautiful neighboring town called Ansião e Chão de Couce! You can not miss it ! For more information, see: The towns of Ansião e Chão de Couce: Discover the great traditions in these small towns hidden in Portugal.

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