The ERSE weekly average price drops 3% this week for gasoline and 5% for diesel

Thus, for "the week of February 6 to 12, the Effective Price before taxes is 0,867 euro/l for pure 95 petrol and 0,961 euro/l for simple diesel", and "after taxes, the Efficiency Price is 1 euros/l, for simple gasoline 690, and 95 euros/l for simple diesel”.

According to ERSE's weekly public selling price monitoring report, "the effective price registered an update, compared to last week, of -3,0% for gasoline and -5,0 % for diesel”.

Contributed to this decline, ERSE pointed out, "the weekly change in international prices of 95 pure gasoline at -5,4% and pure diesel at -10,7%", the "updated cost linked to the incorporation of biofuels in gasoline 95”. simple at +15,3% and simple diesel at +16,7%” and the “update of the ISP value of simple gasoline 95 to -5,0% and maintenance of the relative to simple diesel”.

On the other hand, "compared to the previous week, it was verified that the average of the public selling prices (PVP) announced on the portals and reported to the Balcão Único da Energia, was 4,9 cents/l above above the effective price of that week, in the case of simple gasoline 95, and 1,8 cents/l, above in the case of simple diesel”.

Thus, "in percentage terms, pure gasoline 95 was advertised on porches 2,7% above the effective price and straight diesel was advertised 1,0% above the effective price," said the ERSE.

The Effective Price is an average weekly price determined by the ERSE, which results from the sum of several factors: "fuel prices on the international reference markets and the respective maritime freight, primary logistics, including in this part the strategic and security reserves of the Petroleum System, the additional costs with the incorporation of biofuels and the retail component plus the respective taxes”.

Still compared to the previous week, "with regard to the Discount Tariffs, published by the DGEG [Direção-Geral de Energia e Geologia], simple gasoline 95 presented a difference of 0,0% compared to the Effective Price and simple diesel of -3,3%”.

Thus, "in absolute terms, these estimates are established, for pure gasoline 95, at -0,1 cent/l, and for pure diesel, at -5,4 cent/l, below the respective Effective Prices ".

According to the press, the price of diesel is falling this week by eight cents a liter and that of gasoline by four cents.


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