The PCP accuses the government of allying with the right and of keeping "good accounts" to the detriment of wages

“The path of the government majority and the majority of the Assembly of the Republic is to whistle aside in the face of ever-increasing profits and to settle accounts with wages, pensions, public investment and national production," said Paulo Raimundo, criticizing the path the PS has chosen to follow "alongside PSD, IL and Chega."

During a lunch-rally at Valado dos Frades, in Nazaré, the general secretary of the PCP declared that "the PS could well sell the idea that it negotiates with other parties, by voting in favor of the proposals of the Livre and PAN", when in fact, "he chose his path", in a "journey which has as its fundamental matrix the so-called correct stories".

In front of around 350 militants and sympathizers of the party, during his first political intervention in the district of Leiria, Paulo Raimundo guaranteed: "There is no one here who is not of and by certain accounts", but recalled that 'there are different ways and different accounts on the right'.

After having seen the failure, in parliament, of "measures which would stop the course of the disaster which is underway", the leader of the PCP reproached the PS for having refused the "urgent and necessary change" of national policies and for having opted "for blackmail".

In the opinion of the secretary general of the PCP, the government has opted "for the brilliance of absolute power and for the project it has been aiming for since 2015, for the policy of low wages, precariousness, the degradation of public services , the disruption of the territory, difficulties in accessing housing”.

In the list of critics, he pointed to the National Health Service (SNS), "one of the central elements of the approach in the famous state budget in which the PS victimized itself and took advantage of it to go to early elections, when nothing required it". it,” leading to a downgrade that is now “exactly what the PCP predicted it would be, if steps were not taken in the fiscal plan as well.”

Admitting that he does not have "a magic wand to solve all the problems of the SNS in a single day", Paulo Raimundo defended that the PCP has "the solutions to pave the way for this necessary path", regretting that those they are confronted with the current political options, that is to say "the reality of disinvestment, the devaluation of professionals, the closing of services, the fact of pushing services to private groups and the transfer of billions of euros to disease companies that the health system sorely needs”.

The poverty that, according to the PCP, affects 2,3 million people, "of which 700 working every day are unable to get out of this situation", was another of the criticisms of Paulo Raimundo, for whom it is "urgent to stop this situation ". course of accelerated impoverishment" of large sections of the population who feel in their skin "the theft of wages and pensions at the same time as they are presented daily with incredible increases in the profits of a few", such as supermarkets.

"Don't ask us to understand, don't try to convince us that we are going to have to continue to live worse, in a state of emergency or in contingency," the PCP leader said, challenging the government not to "do sing as they hiss sideways with the brutal concentration of the wealth that accumulates in a pair of hands”.

"It does not, cannot and will not continue like this", defended Paulo Raimundo, encouraging the activists present at the lunch to make "injustices a force to fight" and to strengthen the party which "is engages in the affirmation of the political alternative” with the objective of being at the heart of workers' rights.


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