Le Mosaraz: What to do in this medieval village?

Visiting the castles of the Alentejo is the perfect way to learn about the history that lives in its fortifications. These magnificent historic buildings defended the territory against potential invaders.

Discover Monsaraz Castle and its magnificent landscape!

Monsaraz Castle

There you will find a dream castle at the top of the mountain. It has well-preserved schist walls and is surrounded by white houses.
With sublime views of a giant lake whose blue is bordered by green and gold.

Monsaraz is one of the most beautiful villages in the Alentejo and one of the most exciting medieval towns in Portugal.

Why visit there?

In 2017, Monsaraz won its place in the 7 wonders of Portugal - Villages.

The earth tones and the harsh aspect of the shale stone are contrasted by the whiteness and the sharpness of the whitewashed houses. At the top of this steep slope, between walls as old as the years, there is a character of its own preserving legends, memories, traditions and ancient knowledge.

Monsaraz Castle

You can go through it in minutes, from cover to cover. Dare to visit Monsaraz and let yourself be enchanted by the village that was born on the hill of xaras!

Why not take the opportunity to visit Monsaraz and take a tour of Lake Alqueva? Or take a little trip to Évora, Marvão or Mértola?

How to get there ?

Monsaraz is 180 km from Lisbon and 460 km from Porto. The best way to get to Monsaraz is by car. Visiting Monsaraz with your own car or a rental car, lets you know the many secrets hidden around the fortified village.

Buses leave from different parts of the country to the village of Reguengos de Monsaraz, 15 km away, and from there it is possible to take the daily Rodalentejo company 'line' to Monsaraz or to go there by bus. Taxi.

When to visit?

The best time to visit Monsaraz is when the spring temperatures arrive in Alentejo, from March to May, and bring the blossoms to bloom. The village gains another color and another luminosity with the flower pots and the landscape gains an intense green tinged with wild flowers.

Monsaraz village

In autumn, it is the ocher tones and pastels of the dried leaves from September to October that also bring the harvest, another of the most interesting times of the year to visit Monsaraz.

Summer is hot, very hot, but don't rule out a visit. Spend the day cooling off on the river beach! You can witness a sunset that you will never forget. And fall asleep contemplating a starry sky that the city will offer you.

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