The minister confident that it is possible to keep maternity hospitals in operation

“We are very relaxed about it. What we want is the best possible service at every location. And people are aware that the measures we are taking, at all times, correspond to this ambition, ”said Manuel Pizarro after a visit to the Amato Lusitano hospital, in Castelo Branco.

Speaking to journalists, the government official stressed that, for the moment, "maternities are fully functioning".

“I am satisfied with this and we must guarantee that this will continue to be the case in the future and that at all times expectant mothers are cared for with quality and safety, as has always happened at the Service. National Health Service (SNS), which has changed the quality of maternal and child health in Portugal and it must continue to be so in the future”, he underlined.

In October, the group of experts responsible for proposing a solution for emergency obstetrics and birthing rooms in SNS hospitals proposed to the government to close services in two hospitals in Greater Lisbon and two in the geographical area. of the regional administration of the Center (Castelo White and Garde).

Manuel Pizarro stressed that for the moment all the maternities are open, with safety and quality conditions.

“I come here to strengthen the Castelo Branco hospital, not to diminish it. The maternity ward is open and it is open every day. Let's trust that it is possible to keep the services running. That's what we're focusing on,” he said.

The Minister also added that “the necessary decisions” will be taken to guarantee “quality and safety”.

Asked about the letter recently sent to him by the Democratic Union of Nurses asking for the reopening of negotiations, he affirmed that “the door of the Ministry of Health is always open to negotiate with the professionals”.

“I confess that I did not see the letter, but I saw the news. Professionals are at the heart of the SNS. In December, we concluded a very important agreement with a very important part of the nurses' unions. This agreement has strengthened the salary position of nearly 20 nurses,” he said.

The manager promised that he would continue to work to reach a platform of agreement with most professionals: "I have no doubts about that".

The visit of the Minister of Health to HAL took place within the framework of the "Governo Closer" program, which runs from today to Thursday in the neighborhood of Castelo Branco, with more than 40 initiatives in which members of the executive.

The Democratic Union of Nurses of Portugal announced this week that it had sent a letter to the Minister of Health asking for the reopening of negotiations, at a time when, it said, the willingness of nurses to strike "exceeds even that of the unions". .


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