The Ministry of the Environment will also financially support the "Women for the Climate" movement.

According to the official, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action “is deeply involved in the issues that this manifesto brings back to the table”.

"We are committed and we know we have to do it," said Alexandra Carvalho, stressing that "everything starts with the individual action of everyone" and that the manifesto has "that in its genesis".

In this context, he assured, the ministry "will continue to encourage individual and collective action", as well as to "support institutionally and sometimes financially".

"The support of the Ministry of the Environment is not only institutional, it is also financial", and according to the Secretary General, the manifesto presented today at the headquarters of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP) has already been spear .

The Business as Nature organization, chaired by Susana Viseu, launched the movement "Women for the Climate, from Portuguese-speaking countries to the world", in partnership with the Ministry of the Environment and Action for the Climate, the CPLP and the Common House of Humanity.

The movement brings together women from different geographies and the most varied sectors, scientists, businesswomen, leaders, activists, educators, caregivers, politicians, journalists and influencers.

And he is "committed to the progress and well-being of communities and the sustainability of the planet, emphasizing the need for a greater balance and rapprochement between human rights and climate action, putting the emphasis on the implementation of sustainable development models”, as the article indicates the blurb.

According to the movement, in the current context of war and climate crisis, food insecurity and climate risk are reaching levels of urgency that “affect above all the most vulnerable, the most deprived and the most isolated”.

According to the United Nations, women, girls and marginalized communities are the groups most affected by climate change and must be included in the planning and implementation of actions aimed at preventing and mitigating climate risks, in order to to ensure that everyone can equally enjoy the benefits of these changes. Shares.

Given this scenario, "the initiative reinforces the need to publicize and promote the importance of the work carried out by women as active agents, essential in climate action, in the inseparable link between water , energy and food and in promoting sustainability”.

Thus, the movement “will be made known on issues such as the impact of women by the impacts of climate change, the importance of their leadership and their participation in solutions to face climate action and the protection of the oceans. and biodiversity”.

As a starting point for the movement, the manifesto "Women for the Climate — Women 4OUR Climate" was also launched, in which the signatories pledge to act and lead, by example, the fight against climate change, both through their individual and institutional actions. , or through the action and involvement of the organizations they represent.

In this sense, it endorses several objectives in five areas of action: policy, diplomacy and climate activism, empowerment and training, sustainable entrepreneurship, science, technology and knowledge, dissemination, communication, participation and cooperation and creation of networks.

This first session of subscription to the manifesto was addressed especially to the ambassadors accredited in Portugal and to the ambassadors of the Member States of the CPLP and to the observers, among other guests.

The manifesto has other subscription times, but it will also be available online at businessasnature.org.

CPLP Executive Secretary Zacarias da Costa said he believed governments "are mobilized for active participation in the 27th UN Climate Change Conference, COP27, scheduled to take place in Egypt next November, the opportunity which constitutes a space of excellence for the identification and definition of decisive decisions in the fight against climate change”.

“I hope the CPLP will reach a good agreement on positions, making its voice heard and stressing the importance of multilateral cooperation in this area,” he said.

Zacarias da Costa also underlined that "the involvement of women is crucial for the sustainable development process of the CPLP and for the sustainability of the planet".


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