The ANMP requests an extension of the deadline for the transfer of social action skills – Government

The National Association of Portuguese Municipalities (ANMP) has requested the extension of the mandatory transfer of competences in social action from January to April, a request that should be accepted by the government, the Secretary of State at Inclusion.

Speaking to Lusa, regarding the approval of the new conditions for the decentralization of competences in the field of social action by the ANMP Board of Directors, Ana Sofia Antunes said that the executive had received association a request for an extension of the compulsory transfer of powers until the beginning of April, "which will be examined and brought to the Council of Ministers, to which the Government will certainly adhere".

The deadline for the transfer of skills in the field of social action has been set for January 1, 2023.

With regard to the approval by the ANMP of the new methods of decentralization of powers in the field of social action, the Secretary of State welcomed the agreement which substantially strengthens the package initially proposed.

"Today it has been possible to consolidate a proposal that has been approved by all parties, except the PCP, going from an amount of 56 million euros to an overall value of 91 million euros. , with an increase in the areas considered fundamental by the mayors during the negotiations,” said Ana Sofia Antunes.

According to the manager, the new version “substantially increases not only the amount transferred in terms of human resources, but also creates an additional item, which did not exist, which concerns an amount intended for operating expenses. [apoio a adaptação de instalações, deslocações, entre outros]🇧🇷

“In addition to these two aspects, which are new, there has also been a significant strengthening of what was the heading of emergency subsidies, which has gone from six million to 12 million euros to be distributed between the different municipalities. ", he added.

The Board of Directors of the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities (ANMP) today approved the new conditions for the decentralization of competences in the field of social action, the organization announced.

About two hours earlier, during a seminar in Lisbon on the "evaluation of the operationalization of territorial instruments" of Portugal2020, the Minister of Territorial Cohesion, Ana Abrunhosa, had also revealed "the good news" that the council Board of Directors of the ANMP had today approved the decentralization agreement in the field of social action, which will now be presented to the General Council of the association.

In a note sent to the editors, the ANMP underlines that with this agreement, "next year, the transfer of powers will become universal, but, between now and then, as hitherto, the municipalities can accept the transfer of new competences in terms of social action, joining a hundred municipalities which have already assumed this responsibility".

According to the ANMP, in this new agreement "there is a total revision of the financing of the new decentralized competences in the field of social action, reinforcing the annual amounts to be transferred to the municipalities in all the positions already existing in the previous diploma" of action social, and "rules guaranteeing territorial equity are introduced, since there is a ratio that guarantees equal effort and responsiveness of technicians in each municipality".

“With regard to human resources, in addition to the guarantee of a technician in each municipality, a ratio of 100 family procedures for Social Integration Income (RSI) per technician and 250 family procedures for Social Action Assistance ( RAA) per person is established. , which allows an increase of 382 technicians, in this sector, in the municipalities”, added the association.


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