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The town of Costa Nova do Prado: discover the striped houses and the flavors of this region!

Also known as Costa Nova, this city is located on the west coast of Portugal, on the coastline of the Ria de Aveiro. If you are in the vicinity of the city of Aveiro, this is a destination not to be missed on your itinerary!

The time required to get from Aveiro to Costa do Prado by car is approximately 15 minutes. It is very close! This little town is very cute and very quiet. A good place to spend time with the family.

Famous for its colorful haystack-shaped houses, which lie along the coast, it still retains traces of the 1930s. The time when fishermen and their families lived in wooden haystacks and tried to earn a living from maritime activities.

What to do ?

  • Visit the striped houses or casas de palheiros

You can walk along the main road to Palheiros da Costa Nova, where you will find the famous striped houses.

The small houses are the main attraction of the place. With their colorful horizontal or vertical stripes, they were once used by fishermen to store fishing equipment. But today they have been transformed into houses, hotels, restaurants, cafes and various stores.

You will find them in the most diverse colors, but originally they were in shades of red ocher and black.

Striped houses of Costa Nova do Prado
  • Visit the beach

Costa Nova Beach

To relax, nothing better than to stroll along the wooden walkways located on the beach of costa nova and Praia da Barra.

The flavors of the region to taste

The Tripas Moreira kiosk

Nearby you can sample some of the local flavors at the famous Quiosque Tripas Moreira. Take the opportunity to taste the delicious American cookies found there.

If you thought of something weird while naming it, no, it's not. Here we only indicate tasty things!

In this kiosk, they sell the irresistible and famous TRIPAS. They are American cookies, which can be filled with chocolates of several types: Crunch, Oreo, Twix, Snickers, Kit Kat, Toblerone, Kinder Bueno, etc.

There are so many options that you stay there for an hour just to decide which one to take ...

visitercostanovadoprado-tripesmoreira-beach tourism-portugal
Tripas Moreira Quiosk in Costa Nova do Prado

It's like an ice cream cone, but even better. Super crispy and with a melted and hot chocolate filling (your choice)! In addition, they make them with other flavors, such as soft eggs or fruit and in different formats.

Sea food

You will also find many restaurants specializing in fish and seafood.

Seafood dish

All along the seafront, facing the estuary, there are many restaurants. The Dóri restaurant is one of the best known. But there you will find other good options like the Canastra do Fidalgo and also the Marisqueira Costa Nova restaurant.

Take the opportunity to also go to a beautiful neighboring town called Aveiro! You can not miss it ! For more information, see: Veneza Portuguesa in Aveiro: visits, activities, best season ...

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