The Sociedade de Transportes Coletivos do Porto (STCP) increased its revenue by 1,4 million euros in 2021, also going from losses to a profit of 83 euros, according to the accounts approved during the general assembly, published today today.

“In 2021, transport turnover was 33,5 million euros, an increase of approximately 1,4 million euros compared to the previous year, an increase of 4,2% “, We read in a press release from the company sent to social communication.

Yet, compared to 2019, before the covid-19 pandemic, "transportation revenues represent about 68%" of this year's total.

Regarding the net result, in 2021 it was positive “in the amount of 83 thousand euros, presenting a relief of 12,1 million euros (101%) compared to 2020”.

The previous year, the company then directed by Manuel Queiró (now chaired by Cristina Pimentel) had recorded losses of around 12 million euros.

In 2021, the result was "essentially due to the reduction in the operating result (EBIT), of 6,9 million euros (70%), to the nil financial result which, in the previous year, had been negative by 2,5 .XNUMX million euros and also the transfer of shareholders”, the six municipalities (Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia, Gondomar, Maia, Matosinhos and Valongo) which share the capital of STCP.

As for recurring earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA), they were positive “in the amount of approximately 4,2 million euros, which represents a relief of 7,2 million euros ( 240%) compared to 2020”, noting “the recovery of the positive EBITDA trend that had been recorded in the pre-pandemic period, thanks to the verified financial compensations”.

Last year, the company also points out that the value of the investment made was 22,9 million euros, of which 94% related to "the acquisition of 81 buses running on compressed natural gas and five 100% electrical”.

“Thus, the second phase of the STCP bus fleet renewal program has been concluded, which has contributed to the decarbonization of the company's operations which, in total for the two phases, has allowed the replacement of 274 vehicles. , corresponding to 65% of the fleet of buses, buses”, specifies the company.

Thus, at the end of 2021, “5% of the STCP bus fleet is made up of 100% electric vehicles, 79% powered by compressed natural gas and 16% by diesel”.

As for the workers, over the same period the workforce "was 1.335 workers, excluding governing bodies, requisitioned and unpaid leave, an increase of two workers, compared to the year 2020".

STCP carried 51 million passengers in 2021, an increase of 3,6% compared to the 49,2 million carried in 2020, according to data accessed by Lusa on February 17.

In 2021, the capital and participations of STCP were transferred from the State to the municipalities of Porto (53,69%), Vila Nova de Gaia (12,04%), Matosinhos (11,98%), Maia (9 , 61%), Gondomar (7,28%) and Valongo (5,4%).

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