Best suitcase for travel to Portugal

Before enjoying Portugal's long beaches, he pack his suitcase. And often, the suitcase is not suitable for the trip in question. Whether it lacks space, or is not easy to transport, there are many reasons for wanting to change suitcase. And Samsonite, understood it well! Whether for short or long stays, the brand offers a wide choice of products, always trying to satisfy travelers as much as possible. So here are the reasons to go to Portugal with a Samsonite suitcase.

A suitcase adapted to the means of transport

If you want to go to Portugal this summer by plane, it is worth choosing a rigid suitcase with 4 wheels. Quite simply, because throughout the transport the suitcase risks being jostled and manhandled. A hard suitcase offers an optimal level of protection for business. In addition, equipped with 4 silent multidirectional wheels, the suitcase will be pleasant and easy to move. 

If you want to go to Portugal by train, it is better to choose a rigid suitcase. It can easily be stowed away in the train, thanks to its right template. The fact that the suitcase is rigid will protect the business from all possible shocks, but above all will allow the business to be compacted. On the train, the suitcase is an easy target for any malicious person. A hard case, with an integrated TSA lock, offers the highest level of security you can find for a suitcase. 

If you want to go to Portugal by car, it is more interesting to choose a soft suitcase. With a soft suitcase, you can easily store your things, because the suitcase will fit more easily. If you want to carry things with irregular shapes, the soft suitcase is the best choice.

Choose a Samsonite suitcase

World-renowned, the brand has built a solid reputation for its unbreakable cases. Indeed, Samsonite suitcases have the advantage of being the most resistant suitcases on the market. It resists much more than all other suitcases to the various shocks undergone during the trip. No more worrying about mishaps encountered by your suitcase such as pressure blows, shocks, scratches. Using brand-specific and patented technology, the suitcase has one of the longest lifespans on the market. 

But do not forget one of the most important criteria when choosing your suitcase, comfort! And that Samsonite understood it well! The majority of the brand's suitcases are designed with silent multidirectional wheels. Everything is designed and thought out for the comfort of the traveler. 

What appeals to the brand's customers is the diversity of models and colors. Although the brand is the leader in its market, it was not content to stay on its bestseller! On the contrary, the brand offers a multitude of models to satisfy travelers as much as possible. Thus, we can find rigid suitcases with 2 or 4 wheels, flexible suitcases, cabin suitcases with prints ... 

Why choose a Samsonite suitcase to go to Portugal? 

Samsonite is the leader in its market and offers a wide choice of suitcases. It does not matter which means of transport you decide to take to travel to Portugal in 2020. You will be sure to find the ideal suitcase at Samsonite. Each suitcase comes with an average 5-year warranty, and with stores in over 113 countries, you'll be sure you can repair your suitcase.