Carla Alves' resignation will trigger fifth remodel in nine months

Carla Alves had been in government for just over 24 hours, having taken office on Wednesday at the Palácio de Belém, replacing Rui Martinho, who left the executive for health reasons.

Leaving the post of Regional Director of Agriculture and Fisheries in the North, Carla Alves considered "not to have the political and personal conditions to take up duties in this position", a few minutes after the President of the Republic estimated that the newly sworn secretary of state had "a political limitation", due to the court case involving her husband, and must judge the terms of remaining in office.

This is news from the Correio da Manhã that the Secretary of State, now resigning, had bank accounts seized, as part of an investigation involving her husband and former mayor of Vinhais, Américo Pereira .

The resignation of Carla Alves came a day after the inauguration of two ministers and six secretaries of state, in a remodeling caused by the case of the compensation of 500 thousand euros paid to the former secretary of State for the Treasury Alexandra Reis, to leave the management of TAP.

The remodeling triggered by the TAP affair led to the departure of Infrastructure Minister Pedro Nuno Santos, who oversaw TAP, and the Secretaries of State for Infrastructure and Treasury. At the same time, the Secretary of State for Agriculture left, making four replacements.

On November 29, following the resignation of Miguel Alves from the post of Deputy Secretary of State to the Prime Minister, two members of the Ministry of Economy also left the government: the Secretary of State for Economy and Tourism , João Neves and Rita Marques, a total of three victims in the executive.

With the resignation of Marta Temido as Minister of Health on August 30, her two secretaries of state, António Lacerda Sales and Fátima Fonseca, also fell, out of a total of three departures.

The first loss of António Costa's executive came on May 2, with the departure of Sara Guerreiro for health reasons, replaced by Isabel Rodrigues.

Other members left their positions, although they left their portfolios, as happened with the current Minister of Housing, Marina Gonçalves, who was Secretary of State of Pedro Nuno Santos, or António Mendonça Mendes , who left tax affairs to take up the post of deputy. Secretary of State to the Prime Minister.

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