Jerónimo criticizes the “separate measures” for culture and the proposals for OE “dragged

“The government has responded with separate and disjointed measures, full of bureaucracy and complications,” said Jerónimo de Sousa, during a meeting with workers in the culture sector in Lisbon.

The communist leader enumerated the consequences of "the insistence on right-wing politics" which created a "structural crisis" in the culture, made denser by the pandemic: "underfunding, precariousness, low wages, lack of working hours. work, poverty reforms, high unemployment rates and abandoning the profession.

Jerónimo de Sousa added that “even the measures resulting from the current state budget, recorded thanks to the intervention of the PCP, have been delayed and do not yet have the full implementation that must be given”.

In front of nearly 30 workers, among plastic surgeons, promoters, among others, the secretary general of the PCP "pointed the finger" at those who "want to climb the crest of the media wave" at the approach of the crisis to which the sector is confronted, but that they have only contributed to the “normalization of precariousness”.

The measures announced by the government in April in this area are an example of "measures in which there is no real state responsibility and no public service perspective is deepened".

On April 22, at a meeting entirely devoted to culture, the Council of Ministers approved several diplomas for this sector: the status of cultural professionals; the definition of 1% of the value of public works contracts, exceeding 5 million euros, for the inclusion of works of art; the creation of the Portuguese Contemporary Art Network and the post of curator of the National Collection of Contemporary Art; the arts support model and another which creates and regulates the process of access of cinemas and cinemas to a national network.

However, the leader of the PCP noted that the approval of these decree-laws demonstrates, “once again”, the “disarticulation, the one-off (ie non-structural) character and the reinforcement of dependence” vis-à-vis European funds.

"Cultural democracy presupposes fundamental responsibilities for a democratic state, but it can only be built by combining state action with individual and collective participation and creativity," added the communist.

For this reason, Jerónimo de Sousa urged the executive, headed by socialist António Costa, to create "measures to stimulate activity" of culture and the rest, but which guarantee "measures to protect health" , like, for example, "move" vaccination "more quickly, diversifying" its acquisition ".

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