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"Banks must prepare for possible negative impacts of the uncertain environment on their activities," said Andrea Enria, during a hearing at the European Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee.

Warning that the euro zone is facing a period of "low growth and possible recession", given the macroeconomic context accentuated by the energy crisis, the euro zone supervisor admitted that it is likely that "the asset quality will deteriorate in the coming months”. in the single currency banks, which is why it will "closely monitor" capital planning.

During a visit to Australia, Sanna Marin said Russia's invasion and occupation of neighboring Ukraine had exposed Europe's weaknesses and strategic mistakes in its relationship with Moscow.

“I have to be very honest (…) with you, Europe is not strong enough. Right now we would be in trouble without the United States,” the leader of the country, a candidate for NATO membership, said in a speech at the Lowy Institute, a Sydney-based think tank.

Instrumentalization and trivialization of parliamentary commissions of inquiry, waste of resources, discredit of the consensus and creation of phrases are the accusations made by the PS, the PAN and Livre ao Chega, which is voting this Friday on a request to set up a commission survey on the management of the Covid-19 pandemic with the aim of analyzing the acquisitions and restrictions of the last two years.

The proposal will be rejected.

Last Friday, Alantra received more than 20 non-binding offers (known as non-binding offers) to purchase the assets that VIC Properties has put up for sale, Jornal Económico (JE) found.

Among them is Vanguard Properties' proposal to buy Herdade do Pinheirinho.

The decision was made following the publication of an image of the Nazi symbol, a swastika, intertwined with a Star of David, a Jewish symbol.

"Just to clarify that [West's] account has been suspended for incitement to violence," Musk said, in response to the image shared by the "rapper," who is increasingly isolated after recent anti-Semitic statements and the admiration expressed by Hitler.

Spanish oil company Cepsa will invest 3 billion euros in the Andalusia region of southern Spain in what is considered to be the largest European green hydrogen production project to date, announced the society.

The Vale do Hidrogénio Verde Andaluz project includes two production centers for this gas, generated from renewable and less polluting energies (wind and solar) and considered strategic for the so-called "ecological transition", since it can replace to fossil fuels. fuels.

GamaLife – Companhia de Seguros de Vida has completed the acquisition of a business unit of Zurich Investments Life, comprising a portfolio of ongoing life insurance and pension policies.

In a statement, the Portugal-based European life and property insurance management platform said the transaction follows receipt of all necessary regulatory approvals, including full permission to establish an operationally independent branch. of the company in Italy, which will initially be supported by the transition. services usually provided by Zurich.

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