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Investment opportunities: 20% of foreign investors flock to Portugal

For several years, Portugal has been a very popular destination for foreign investors. As a result, real estate prices are leaping at lightning speed and 20% of investors flock to Portugal to take advantage of the investment opportunities offered by the country. The latter appeals for many reasons: taxation, legislation, risks and the French-speaking population.

Taxation and legislation in Portugal

It is not for nothing that Portugal arouses such enthusiasm among foreign investors. For several years, the country has been popular and this growing phenomenon continues to grow. Today, nearly 20% of investors flock to Portugal to take advantage of investment opportunities.

Since 2019, real estate market prices have exploded in the country as demand is also exploding. It is true that many are aware of the multitude of opportunities and advantages that this country offers to invest. It is in this context that investors opt for an investment in real estate in Portugal or on the Forex .

What are the reasons for such enthusiasm? First of all, Portugal represents advantages in terms of taxation and legislation. Indeed, the country has concluded a accord with France, which allows exonerating Portuguese foreign residents who receive foreign resources for ten years. To do this, all you need to do is acquire the status of Non-Habitual Resident (RNH). Also, the real estate market in Portugal is ultra-secure, supervised and simplified, a boon for foreign buyers.

Why invest in Portugal?

The tax situation as well as the legislation are significant advantages for investing in Portugal as a foreign investor. In addition, the country has a large French-speaking population, nearly 2,4 million. The francophone population has exploded over the years.

Acquiring real estate in this country is a relatively low risk transaction. Indeed, although prices explode given the demand, prices remain relatively stable over time. In addition, the prospects for capital gain in the event of resale are very high. Also, rental real estate is more profitable than ever in this country.

It is in this context that Portugal is a country which is, more than ever, in vogue. Indeed, many foreign investors adopt this country and see it as a true fruitful El Dorado.

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