There is a “long way” to go in active aging – Ana Abrunhosa

"We do not have a society prepared for the elderly", admitted Ana Abrunhosa, during the opening session of the IX Congress on Active and Healthy Aging, in the Sala Afonso Henriques, the former church of the convent of Sao Francisco,

Speaking to journalists, after her speech, the Minister reaffirmed that "there is still a long way to go", although there is "an extraordinary development" in this field, particularly in terms of knowledge, technology and organization of society in the face of new challenges. active and healthy ageing.

It is important, according to him, "to have a society more prepared in its daily life", one of the objectives of the congress, organized by the Aging@Coimbra consortium, coordinated by Professor João Malva, from the University of Coimbra , in collaboration with the peer entity AgeINfuture.

During the opening ceremony, which was also attended by the mayor of Coimbra (CMC), José Manuel Silva, Ana Abrunhosa defended that, "especially in a country with limited resources", such as Portugal, the solution to the aging of the population passes "through deferred dependence [dos idosos] and overload" of the National Health Service (SNS).

"Today we know more about the ailments of the elderly and we know how to avoid them", he stressed, reiterating that "we all want to age with quality".

José Manuel Silva announced that the CMC "will create a gerontology office" to act in this area, responding to "questions that are complex with all the policies" of the municipality.

For the mayor, it will be necessary "an aging which is also participatory", the elderly assuming themselves as "engines of the policies" which are intended for them.

The congress makes it possible "to show the outside world what is being done best in the region", the president of the Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDRC), Isabel Damasceno, told journalists.

The CCDRC, with headquarters in Coimbra, has been one of the entities most involved, from the beginning, in the organization of the Congress on Active and Healthy Aging.

“It is a path that has been traveled and we have involved citizens,” also said researcher and university professor João Malva.

For the coordinator of Aging@Coimbra, the loneliness of people in the aging process “is a problem that has been very neglected in recent decades”.


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