Hospital of Ponta Delgada with the resignation of 21 of the 25 directors of clinical services

According to Emanuel Dias, spokesman for the directors of clinical services who resigned, the duty roster of the Hospital do Divino Espírito Santo (HDES) "is not filled and the current board of directors fills it, which does not haven't been able to do it. ".

The head of the Order of Physicians of the Azores, Margarida Moura, denounced on Thursday the lack of conditions to assist patients at the Ponta Delgada hospital, particularly in general surgery, whose director of service resigned.

At the time, Margarida Moura said that "there are scales in different departments that do not comply with the guidelines of the College of Physicians and that put the quality and safety of patient care at risk", especially in the case of general surgery, in which "it is mandatory that at least two surgeons be scheduled, per day, and per shift, and there is only one", who "does not operate alone, For safety reasons ".

Today, Emanuel Dias said that "what the President of the Government of the Azores said was wrong", considering that "he was deceived by the Board of Directors, because the balance is not complete".

Emanuel Dias also mentioned that the resignation of the directors of clinical services aims to "stand out from this administration, which is appointed by the government of the Azores".

Doctors, he added, only have "the power to demonstrate that they disagree with the administration, which must resign."

Doctors from the three public hospitals in the region (Ponta Delgada, Angra do Heroísmo and Horta) have expressed, in a petition addressed to the president of the regional government, José Manuel Bolieiro, to the vice-president of the executive, Artur Lima, and to the regional secretary of Health and Sports, Clélio Meneses, his unavailability to work overtime beyond the legal limit of 150 hours, which could jeopardize the emergency department as early as December.

These are the statements of the Vice President of the Government of the Azores, who has already declared that he had "no intention of offending the doctors" when he mentioned overtime, after being criticized by the PAN , BE and the PS in the regional parliament elections.

On Wednesday, the President of the Government of the Azores (PSD/CDS-PP/PPM) confirmed the resignation of the 10 heads of the emergency department of the Ponta Delgada hospital, but guaranteed that "the emergency schedules of the three hospitals" are guaranteed next week.


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