Local accommodation in Porto with almost full summer and higher prices compared to 2019

Judite Carqueja, owner and manager of 29 local accommodation units (AL) in the luxury segment on Avenida da Boavista, one of the main areas of Porto, told the Lusa agency that the coming months of July and August have about 90% reservations.

“We are already at nearly 90% occupancy in July and August. The AL market is recovering strongly, with levels identical to those of 2019 and with prices at the same level or, in certain luxury apartments, with prices higher than those of 2019”, he said, explaining that 'it has AL with particularities, such as 'jacuzzi' on the balcony and the private garden, which are precisely those most sought after by tourists.

Ricardo Guerreiro, of Nomad City Flats, with 35 apartments in local accommodation in downtown Porto, with typologies from T0 to T3, also confirms that this year reservations have started to have "an excellent performance" since March and considers that the outlook is identical for the summer months, which begin today and last until September 23.

“All months have been very strong, with occupancy rates above 80% and the forecast is that in summer it will also be around 80% to 90% occupancy,” explains the manager.

The prices charged by Nomad City Flats are also higher compared to 2019.

“Prices are higher than in 2019. The effect of the pandemic and the war has led to greater demand,” he explains, noting that in certain typologies, and depending on the time of year, there are increases of 30% to 40% compared to 2019.

Nuno Ferreira, tour operator at WinWin, which manages around 2022 apartments in the heart of the city of Porto, particularly in the districts of Coliseu, Ribeira, São Bento, Poveiros and Sá da Bandeira, says that the AL company has revived in 19 , after the crisis in the sector due to the covid-XNUMX pandemic and that the “return to tourism is in force”.

Occupancy rates are close to 80%, but 'multiple bookings' are expected to arrive for July and August and perhaps by then it will be between 80% and 90% generally, because the weekend is 100% waiting.

Regarding the prices, they are the same as those practiced in 2019 or in some apartments they are higher than the values ​​requested before the pandemic, between 10% and 20%.

“It has to do with inflation, with demand,” explains Nuno Ferreira.

Data from the Chamber of Porto reported today to the Lusa agency, between January and May of this year, 648 AL were registered, which translates into a total of 8 local dwellings in the city, 750 of more compared to the full year of 2.

The highest month for registration requests in Los Angeles this year was May, with 230. In second place was April with 153 registration requests and in third place was February with 98. The month of March recorded 89 new requests. AL queries and January 78.

In 2020, the Porto Chamber accounted for a total of 7 ALs and in 231, the overall registered number was 2021.

Regarding AL cancellation and termination requests, the Porto Chamber reveals that it received 195 cancellation requests and 485 terminations in 2020, giving a total of 680 ALs that are no longer in the tourism sector.

In 2021, the number of cancellations stood at 790 and the number of AL terminations at 344, giving a total of 1 ALs who left the sector.

Last week, in an interview with Lusa regarding the current AL takeover in Porto, the director and northern coordinator of the Local Accommodation Association in Portugal, Nuno Trigo, said that despite the occupation "is still a little below 2019” – between “5% to 10%” - the truth is that this occupation is already quite close to 2019 in “certain segments and at certain times of the year”.

“We are convinced that AL Porto will be and are the engine of the recovery of tourism. Even before the pandemic, most tourist overnight stays in the city, more than 60%, were in AL. Without AL, there is no capacity for an immediate recovery of tourism or even the city's economy,” added Nuno Trigo.


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