Discover the city of Portimão in the Algarve in Portugal: what to do?

The city of Portimão is located in Faro (Algarve) and has a large structure for tourists. Its tourist center is just 2 km from the sea.

In addition to living from tourism, the city is an important fishing point. Portimão borders on the south with the Atlantic Ocean. It thus has the title of third port at the national level which receives the greatest number of passengers, who arrive by cruise ships.

The city center

The small town, despite being the second most populous in the Algarve, is only appreciated when summer arrives. The streets in the center are all in typical Portuguese stone with some patterns and figures.

Among the tourist spots in the center are the Jesuit Convent, the Portimão Town Hall building, the Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição and the Portimão Museum, which has archaeological collections and underwater finds.

Beaches of Portimão

The Praia da Rocha is the main tourist attraction in the city. Its large rocks, whose shapes attract attention. These designs are formed by the erosion of the force of the sea and the wind. This beach, besides being famous, is one of the most beautiful in Portugal!

Rocha beach in Portimão

Another recommended and beautiful beach is the Alemão beach. Its water is in shades of green and turquoise blue and very calm. Praia dos Três Castelos is another paradisiacal beach and to get there you have to go down the belvedere of the same name.

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Beaches in Portimão

All the beaches have good services, such as parking, restaurants, toilets, lifeguarding and in some of them you can even hire sun loungers.

Beaches in Portimão

Boat ride

If your visit to the Algarve is during the summer, be sure to take a boat trip and admire the caves and cliffs in the area. There are also trips to see dolphins that leave from Portimão Marina.

Boat ride

Sports in Portimão

The city is imbued with sport, not just one way, but several. It is in Portimão that the Mundialito de Beach Soccer takes place, known nationally. In addition to the Portuguese stage of the European Beach Soccer League.

Besides football, Portimão is also known for water sports such as surfing and kitesurfing. The Formula 1 motorboat championship also takes place in the city.

A break to eat

You are going to find many restaurants located by the sea that serve delicious seafood dishes considered a local specialty.

Seafood dish


How to get there ?

Portimão is very well served by different types of transport. Faro International Airport is 63 km away, there is an airfield in the city, a train station, a port for cruises, a marina and buses with national and international connections. Lisbon is almost 300 km from Portimão, which is also easily done by car.


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