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Cruise in the Mediterranean: what to do during a stopover in Lisbon?

Lisbon is an essential port of call since it reveals itself through several attractive places. In addition to being dynamic, the White City is unique with its fragmented suburb, a cramped historic center, but rich in its heritage, a warm atmosphere, several cultural sites, etc.

Historical monuments not to be missed

Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in Western Europe and therefore one of the most visited by Costa Cruise ships in the Mediterranean. It has an immeasurable heritage that cruise passengers do not miss.

Not far from the port are the Tower of Belem and the Monument to the Discoveries. These two sumptuous sites bear witness to the great discoveries of the 16th century, the most prosperous period for Portugal. One of the emblems of Lisbon, these places are characterized by Manueline architecture, a mixture of exuberant styles on the theme of water sports.

A few minutes away, you can visit the National Archaeological Museum and the National Coach Museum, to discover various collections spanning the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages.

These two sites are a few minutes apart. You can make the journey on foot, by tram or by bus. If you have more time, also visit the Church of Saint Mary of Belém, the Castle of Saint George and the Palacio de Marqueses de Fronteira. Not only will you discover beautiful Portuguese Baroque architecture, but you will also enjoy a panoramic view.

Walking around Bairro Alto and Bairro de Alfama

One of the oldest districts of Lisbon, Le Bairro Alto is located on the heights of the city. This sector has managed to keep its traditional face, in terms of architecture and culture. The cobbled streets, the tram and the colorful houses make the site so charming.

Like Bairro Alto, Bairro Alfama is also a traditional district which has been able to showcase its heritage. The place charms visitors with its cobbled and steep streets, its centuries-old houses, its vaulted passages, its flowery balconies, its cafes and craft shops, etc. The Bairro Alfama allows you to walk around in peace, but also to immerse yourself in Portuguese culture in the cradle of fado.

Enjoy a panorama of the Tagus

The Tagus River is the other emblem of Lisbon that you can visit partly during a stopover. Spanned by the 25-April bridge, this placid stream reveals beautiful landscapes to be immortalized. The view of the port is also clear. Those with a little more time can cross the estuary by ferry. On the south bank of the Tagus, contemplate the statue of Christ the King. On the north shore, lies the Baixa district with its immense Place du Commerce. The beautiful walks in perspective are also planned on the heights of the city.

Visit the huge Place du Commerce

After the 25-Avril bridge, you can reach Lisbon's Commerce Square or Praça do Comércio, the pride of the Baixa district. It is one of the most beautiful places in Europe and the most elegant in Lisbon. The Place du Commerce tells a part of Portuguese history while offering several things to see to its visitors: the statue of the king of José I who rebuilt the city in 1 after an earthquake, the Arc de triomphe, the yellow buildings with pombaline architecture, the Sé Cathedral of Lisbon, the Santa Justa elevatorthe panoramic view from the top of the Arco da Rua Augusta, the visit to the Lisboa Story Center. The square is also home to gourmet restaurants that also offer exceptional wine tasting from Portugal.

Browse the Time Out Market

The Time Out Market is about ten minutes walk from Place du Commerce. It is a large market bringing together several stands and kiosks, where you can discover local and regional cuisine and local products. The Time Out Market is a very friendly and modern place with its renovated lobby.

Contemplate the park of Nations

The Parc des Nations is located on the banks of the Tagus. Having hosted the Lisbon World's Fair in 1998, this former industrial area has undergone an exceptional facelift. It is one of the most modern and futuristic areas of the city. Here you will find gardens and contemporary buildings, the tallest buildings in the country, the science museum, exhibition pavilions, the national stadium, etc. The visit combines discovery and entertainment.

Discover the Oceanarium

The Oceanarium deserves special mention among the emblematic curiosities of the Parc des Nations. Today it is one of the most beautiful aquariums in Europe and the most visited in Portugal. Four gigantic reservoirs represent the four oceans of the planet where nearly 9000 animals evolve.

If after reading all these tips you have been able to decide to opt for a cruise through Lisbon, then now is the time to make your choice and book your cruise!

Where can you book a round-the-world cruise with a stopover in Lisbon?

It turns out that since the last crisis that we had the opportunity to experience in France and around the world, the French have never had so much need to go on vacation, as all the polls can show. Cruises are ideal for this because they happen to have the advantage of being able to allow you to find very beautiful places all over the world, as is the case with the city of Lisbon in Portugal, although it today there are many other destinations that are available for cruises around the world. The most beautiful cruise around the world Besides, it doesn't necessarily cost you very much: you just need to opt for a cruise that is within your budget and on time. On the online sales sites specializing in cruises, you will also be able to find great opportunities. Indeed, there is no point in going to agencies that can offer you cruises around the world that will not necessarily be in your budget or in countries where you would like to be able to make stops such as Portugal, but also Cape Verde or other countries like Spain in Barcelona.

To be able to select the best cruise around the world, however, you have to know whether to take and you will have to compare different characteristics among different cruises which are available all around the world.

What are the characteristics to compare for a cruise around the world?

If you are determined to want to go on a dream cruise around the world but don't know how to go about it, then the next few lines should help you see a little more clearly. It turns out that websites specializing in booking cruises will allow you to find great opportunities to go around the world.
Thus, you will be able to limit yourself to cruises around the world available in a departure port near you and not on the other side of the world, but above all you will be able to define the duration in days of your cruise, which will allow you thus to make more or less stopovers in total.
But that's not all, because depending on your choices, you could also take the opportunity to select all the countries where you are going to be able to go, like of course Portugal which you should necessarily appreciate but also many other places in the world such as Cape Verde, which is a dream destination really appreciated by French tourists.
By finally choosing options such as full board, you can be sure not to miss anything during your vacation!

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