Costa stresses that adequate housing is needed to attract young people to the countryside

After attending the signing ceremony of an agreement to build and renovate affordable housing in the Intermunicipal Community of Beiras and Serra da Estrela (CIMBSE), in Fundão, António Costa highlighted the importance of the housing policies planned in the PRR to reach the interior.

“Why do we need new housing in a territory that is losing population and where there are abandoned houses? “, Questioned António Costa, reinforcing the “paradox” already presented during the session by the mayor of Fundão, Paulo Fernandes.

Responding to the question, the head of government stressed that to retain or attract young people to depopulated territories, it is necessary "to have adequate housing for this population", stressing that housing policies do not work like lego pieces, we have to adapt to the needs of the territories.

“It's fantastic to attract an IT company, to increase the number of engineers residing in the area, but it's not enough to have cable, but the house to be the house where families want to be. to install. And those houses are not necessarily the ones that are empty,” he noted.

For the Prime Minister, investments in infrastructure, health systems or connectivity are necessary, but without intervention in housing it will be “very difficult” to fight against the depopulation of low-density territories.

During his speech, António Costa also stressed that the PRR is a plan with fixed and well-defined objectives.

"It's not a bunch of millions that you put inside a helicopter and we go around the country to distribute it, so that the millions fall where the wind takes them," he said. underline.

During the session, the Mayor of Fundão pointed out that the problem in this region is not that there are too many or few houses, but "whether the housing stock is adequate or insufficient given the evolution of demand", pointing out that there is a shortage of the rental housing market in these municipalities, where this type of market has never been very dynamic.

Before Fundão, António Costa was in Idanha-a-Nova, in Herdade do Couto da Várzea, where he attended the presentation of several research projects aimed at enhancing endogenous products.

The Prime Minister spent the day in the district of Castelo Branco, as part of the "Governo Closer" program, which runs from today to Thursday, with more than 40 initiatives where members of the executive will be present.

Thursday, a Council of Ministers will be held in Castelo Branco.


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