How to choose a baby monitor

How to choose a baby monitor?

To prepare for the arrival of your little one, many arrangements have to be made. Among these, there are some that are related to his safety. The purchase of the baby monitor is one of these provisions. But you should not buy a baby monitor for the form. Certain criteria must be taken into account for the device to play its role to perfection. This article serves as your guide when it comes to choosing a baby monitor.

What is a baby monitor?

The baby monitor is nothing more than a device whose role is to monitor the baby from a distance. It is a baby safety tool. Still referred to as a baby monitor, the device manages to play its role through an exchange of audio or video. Some of them have motion detectors. Thus, it is possible for the parents or the person responsible for supervising the babies to have an eye on the baby room. The baby's crying therefore no longer escapes the parents.

The reason the baby monitor works this way is because of the way it was designed. Indeed, in a practical way, it works thanks to the set of transceivers. Thus, the parents receive information from the baby thanks to the receiver they keep on them. These receivers receive signals from the transmitter which is located near the baby.

If you are wondering about the ideal time to set up the device in the baby's room, know that you can already do it even when preparing for his arrival. Do not hesitate to put it on the list of things to buy before birth. Moreover, in case you did not do it before the birth, know that you have the possibility of installing it at any time. In reality, there is no specific time to start monitoring the baby.

Parameters to consider when choosing a baby monitor

Several criteria must be taken into consideration when choosing a baby monitor. We will present them to you below. If you wish to have some recommendations, the site bebetips.fr offers a selection of the best baby monitors 2022.

The range of the baby monitor

The range varies from one baby monitor to another. The different ranges of the baby monitors are between ten meters and three kilometres. You must therefore take into account the configuration of your home before making your choice. When you have a big house, you should automatically choose a baby monitor with a long range.

The number of channels

This is the broadcast channel. This is to determine the channel through which the transmitter transmits the information to the receiver. It is recommended to choose a transmitter that has several channels. You therefore ensure permanent communication with the baby room. Indeed, it could happen that a transmission channel does not work due to interference.

The multi-channel baby monitor allows you to use another channel to link up with your child's room. With some types of baby monitors, you don't even have to search. It is done automatically.

Battery life

Baby monitors work while connected to electric current. But when you limit yourself to those that work exclusively this way, it's assumed that you won't be able to move around with your receiver. It is therefore recommended to choose a baby monitor that has a battery or rechargeable batteries.

The rechargeable battery as well as the batteries can be recharged in case of low battery. In this matter, it is up to you to make the choice that suits you the most. The bottom line is that the device gives you good battery life while in use. It would be a shame to use a device without great autonomy.


Several brands are specialized in the manufacture of baby monitors. There are some who produce top quality devices that offer all resistances. It is recommended to use good brand devices like Philips Vtech. With this type of device, you are guaranteed to use your device for a very long time. There are also other brands that produce good quality devices.

The prices

As many baby monitors exist, there are distinct prices. These prices vary according to the brand, the quality. You can find baby monitors from 30 euros. Others can cost up to 440 euros. It is true that the cheapest baby monitors are not necessarily a guarantee of poor quality. But when looking for a very inexpensive device, you may come across a very poor quality device. It is therefore recommended to bet on the value for money when choosing your device. Also, you must base yourself on your budget to make the choice. But don't forget to do a price comparison before making your choice.

The fixing system

There are baby monitors whose surveillance camera is fixed on the bed. Others can be fixed on the wall. But if you want a simple device to set up, you can choose one that simply sits on a piece of furniture. But the factor that will really determine your choice is the layout of your baby's room. In any case, the baby monitor must cover a large perimeter.


The baby monitor must comply with current European standards. These standards guarantee the safety and excellent quality of the device. As far as video baby monitors are concerned, the standards guarantee you a color screen with high resolution as well as good sound quality to monitor your child.

What are the different categories of baby monitors?

There are several categories of baby monitors. It is important to know these different categories in order to make the best choice. Indeed, advantages and disadvantages are linked to each baby monitor.

The classic baby monitor

This is the one we encounter quite often. It has a receiver and a transmitter. It emits a small sound to alert you when the baby is crying. There is a light signal that also accompanies the sound. It is a device that retains several advantages.

It is very economical. Its simplicity makes it easy to use. The other recognized advantage is that it emits a low frequency. However, it is recommended to keep it at a certain distance from your baby. This device seems retrograde compared to the new baby monitors. But they are still quite effective. To monitor your newborn.

Multifunctional baby monitors

The trend is more and more to manufacture baby monitors that play several roles at the same time. Thus, some of these devices combine the functions of night light, walkie-talkie, thermometer with their original function. They also serve as a lullaby. With this kind of baby-phone, the child will be able to fall asleep easily. Also, the temperature sensor makes it possible to detect an anomaly in relation to the baby's temperature during sleep.

Also, the temperature in the room will be constantly reported to you.

You will not be surprised by sudden variations in ambient temperature. Instead of resorting to lullabies to soothe the baby, you can opt for this device.

It can be analog or digital. In any case, it is recommended to keep it at a distance of about three meters from the child. It is available in classic or digital format. With this device, your child sleeps in a secure room.

The video baby monitor

Video baby listening can be classified in the category of multifunction baby monitors. But the difference with this device is that it offers a video function. They have a touchscreen monitor and a camera with night vision and a speaker. With this specificity, parents can see what is happening in the child's room while he sleeps. The resolution that the LCD screen offers makes it possible to have a very good image of the child's room. All information will be reported to you on the video monitor.

In addition, these devices also have a feature that allows the baby monitor to be turned on when the baby makes movements. This is the Vox function.

The disadvantage of this device is that it emits strong magnetic waves. Therefore, it is recommended to put it at a good distance from the baby. A distance of three meters is recommended due to the emission of waves.

The most recognized brands for the manufacture of this type of baby monitor are Philips Avent, Bewell Connect, Babymoov, Beurer, Motorola Baby.

The sound and motion baby monitor

Here, the device is associated with a motion detector mat. It alone combines the various functions of a multifunction baby monitor.

Installed under the mattress, the device emits alerts. The particularity is that it allows to monitor the immobility of the baby. Also, it helps prevent sudden infant death syndrome. With this tool, moms have peace of mind when the baby is sleeping.

Thus, it emits a signal when the baby remains stable for a certain period of time and not when the latter moves. It is a guarantee of security. However, it is usually sold at a fairly high price. There are also waves emitted by this baby monitor. This is proof that the baby monitor is not just for hearing the baby cry during.

The brands specializing in the manufacture are: Tommee Tippee and Angelcare.

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