BE says Costa response involves attempt to protect Isabel dos Santos

"We have to say that from the words of the Prime Minister and the answers he gave, it is understood that there was an attempt to protect the role of Isabel dos Santos, daughter of the Angolan President, and her role in Eurobic," said blogger Mariana Mortágua during a press conference in parliament.

According to BE, "this protection, which has proven to be inconsequential, if it occurs, it is clear that it is a serious situation and configures a subordination of the Portuguese State to the interests of the Angolan elite ".

“What I would like to emphasize is that this position of the Portuguese regime of subordination to the interests of the Angolan elite did not only occur under the mandate and in the PS of António Costa. It was the reign of the Banco de Portugal, the reign of the PSD and the reign of the PS for the last 20 years,” he pointed out.

The Bloc MP gave several examples, stating that "it was the Bank of Portugal that authorized the entry of Isabel dos Santos into Eurobic in 2014, when we already knew that the fortune of the president's daughter [de Angola] was a fortune stolen from the Angolan people, and many other European countries blocked the Angolan capital”.

"It was the Bank of Portugal that allowed BNI Angola to set up in Portugal despite the presence of hidden shareholders, such as the builder José Guilherme, and other shareholders, such as the son of the president of the BNA, Banco National of Angola,” added.

Mariana Mortágua also pointed out that "it was PSD Minister Rui Machete who apologized to Manuel Vicente, Vice President of Angola, for being investigated in Portugal for money laundering ".

“It was Carlos César, the president of the PS, who went to the MPLA congress in 2016 to thank the Angolan elite for the contribution to the Portuguese economy,” he added.

For the Bloc MP, what must be concluded "with a certain serenity is that what is happening between the former governor of the Banco de Portugal [Carlos Costa], the parliamentary group of the PS and the PSD is not concerned with the laundering of Angolan money in Portugal, it is a washing of dirty laundry”.

“It is a revenge between institutions that has to do with the past and has nothing to do with the role of the Angolan elite in Portugal,” he accused.

For the MP, the country is now witnessing "unfortunately the fact that Portugal continues to be used to launder money, this time by the Russian oligarchy, without this arousing the interest of either the Bank of Portugal, neither of the PSD, nor of the PS”. .

The PS will ask Banco de Portugal for “all the documentation and information” that justified the intervention of former governor Carlos Costa in the Eurobic/BPI process, Socialist parliamentary leader Eurico Brilhante Dias announced today.

Also today, the parliamentary leader of the PSD considered that the Prime Minister had confirmed, in the replies to the party, that he "had interfered in the Banco de Portugal" both in the case of Isabel dos Santos and in the Banif resolution process.

Joaquim Miranda Sarmento admitted that the party could give "a second chance" and repeat questions to the Prime Minister or ask new ones about possible interference in the Banco de Portugal, before considering a parliamentary inquiry.

António Costa sent the answer to questions put to him by the PSD on November 23 in parliament, after former Banco de Portugal governor Carlos Costa accused him of pressure and “political interference” in the process dismissal of businesswoman Isabel dos Santos from the BIC.

In responses sent to parliament, the prime minister says he has never made representations to Banco de Portugal "or anyone else" in support of Isabel dos Santos' suitability and does not acted only in an attempt to resolve the blocking of BPI's shareholders.

As for questions about Banif, António Costa recalls that in December 2015, the Bank of Portugal, headed by Carlos Costa, concluded that the sale of Banif by resolution to Santander was the only alternative to liquidation, and led the process.


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