Arrival / Convention: Ventura wants the "best result" of all time to the Europeans

“Chega, with the values ​​demonstrated by all opinion studies, must prepare to become the government of Portugal. This candidacy motion presents the party with an objective: to start creating an alternative to socialism now, a credible and modern alternative and, above all, with the elimination of corruption and impunity as the main objectives to be achieved”, reads- one in motion with execution for party leadership.

In the text, to which Lusa had access, the leader of Chega points to "fundamental challenges ahead", among which "municipal consolidation and greater efficiency of the party in its internal functioning, the preparation of major bets for regional elections in Madeira and the Azores and the European elections of 2024, where Chega hopes to achieve the best result in its political history”.

Referring to polls that point to the growth of voting intentions in the party, Ventura warns that "this path, difficult to travel and strewn with pitfalls, must continue to be traveled, at all costs".

“We must be different and show that when the time comes to be a government, we are ready to govern and to govern differently. The Portuguese demand and deserve this effort, ”he pleads.

The president of Chega considers "very likely that the socialist government will not be able to comply with this legislature until the end", because it is "drowned in cases of incompatibilities, corruption, badly explained business and badly managed situations ".

“António Costa took refuge in São Bento and only brings together the most faithful, incapable of any critical or modernizing observation. The country is at a standstill because the government is absolutely tied up,” he criticizes.

In the motion for re-candidacy, titled "A government without corruption for Portugal", André Ventura defends that "the country must end corruption" and that "the government and the parliament must be the main agents of change, in matter, in Portugal". .

"Whether in a coalition, or, as we hope, at the head of the government of Portugal, a country without corruption is the great objective that I propose to achieve in this new mandate as president of Chega, in already thinking about the government of Portugal”, he stresses.

If elected, Ventura commits to "an incessant examination of the months that the government of António Costa will last, not giving a millimeter - even if others prefer to remain silent or inoperative - in the examination, in the denunciation of corruption”.

Ventura indicates that he will "use all the parliamentary instruments which show the Portuguese" that they are "led to the abyss by a bad government".

In the text, the leader considers that the "very rapid rise of Chega in the national political panorama" was "unpredictable, unthinkable" and even "a miracle".

“This party should be proud of what it represents in Portugal and of all the transformations it has brought about in the political fabric of this country. Despite an absolute majority, a steamroller who wants to impose its will at all costs, there has never been so much noise, never has there been so much transparency, never has a Government been challenged as much as the deputies, leaders and structures of Enough”, he underlines.

In the motion that he will present this evening at the V National Convention of Chega, and which will be presented to the delegates on Saturday, the president of the party considers that internally, "this is not the time to change lines or forms of political action, it is time to continue the work accomplished and which has produced so many results".

“The Portuguese are increasingly close to our party and believe in its results. This is the time to fight, to unite, to believe,” he said.

The 4th Chega National Convention takes place between today and Sunday in Santarém for the election of the President and the national bodies.

The big meeting - the first since Chega became the third political force in parliament, with the election of 12 deputies - was planned after the Constitutional Court rejected the statutes, but the party decided not to bring any other amendments and revert to the adoption of the original statutes. , from 2019.


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