Ana Abrunhosa confirms that Brussels has approved the creation of two new NUT II

"I confirm that they are [a da Península de Setúbal ea do Oeste e Vale do Tejo] for publication in the Official Journal of the Communities and, therefore, they are approved," Ana Abrunhosa told Lusa agency, at the end of the signing of agreements for the transfer of the management of state properties to local authorities within the framework of the decentralization of powers.

The ceremony took place within the framework of the "Governo Mais Próxima" program, which takes place from today to Thursday in the neighborhood of Castelo Branco, with more than 40 initiatives where members of the executive will be present.

In December, Prime Minister António Costa said that the government would present to Brussels the proposal for the creation of two new NUT IIs, one for the Setúbal peninsula and one for the west and the Tagus Valley, taking advantage calendar, before 1 December February, to change Eurostat's statistical units.

"The Government understands that a proposal for the creation of two new NUT II should be presented, the Setúbal Peninsula and the Oeste and Tagus Valley", because "they meet the demographic criteria that allow them to become autonomous", did he declare.

Today, the Minister of Territorial Cohesion stressed that, “in the move, Sertã and Vila de Rei will pass to the Intermunicipal Community of Beira Baixa.

“Therefore, I would say that it is a question of consolidating a territory here in Beira Baixa closer to the figure of the district. This is something that I consider very positive,” he said.

Ana Abrunhosa, however, stressed that these two municipalities, which were part of the intermunicipal community of Médio Tejo, "by law will maintain the contracts with Médio Tejo".

"Sertã has decided, in Portugal 2030, to move to Beira Baixa and Vila de Rei has informed us that he wants to stay in the middle Tagus and, therefore, we will adopt the legal instruments that allow these situations", he said. he argued.

As for the Setúbal peninsula, the Minister explained that it would now become an Intermunicipal Community (CIM).

" What does it mean? This means that the INE [Instituto Nacional de Estatística] is already starting to produce statistical information that will be important when planning funds for the post 2030 community framework, without classifying regions and without statistics it would not be possible to know whether the Setúbal peninsula after 2030 will be a convergence or developed region”.

Still according to the minister, until now the indicators show "that the probability is to be a region of convergence and therefore, if it is confirmed, it is not only a CIM [NUT III] because it will also of NUT II and may have an autonomous regional programme”.

Ana Abrunhosa also added that, as long as the Lisbon metropolitan area remains, according to the law "it will have two NUT III [CIM da Grande Lisboa e CIM da Península de Setúbal] and can have two regional programs".


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